Tyrini or Cheesefare Week Meal Plan 2023

Our 2023 Tyrini or Cheesefare Week Meal Plan to take you from Cheesefare Monday all the way to Forgiveness Sunday.

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We are approaching our favourite time of year. Orthodox Easter, and the weeks leading up to it, are so special and full of meaning. This year, on February 20th, we begin Tyrini Week (also known as Cheesefare week – Tyri means cheese in Greek). This is the last week of Apokreas or Carnivale before the start of Great Lent, which begins on Kathara Deftera (Clean or Ash Monday). During Tyrini or Cheesefare week, all food except for red meat and chicken are permitted. There is however a special emphasis on dairy and cheese. Just as Meatfare week, which preceded this one, helps use up any meat you have in your fridge or freezer, Tyrini week encourages you to enjoy all the cheese and eggs you can before the start of Great Lent.

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This year, February 27 is last day of Tyrini week, and the day before the start of Great Lent. This day is called Forgiveness Sunday. We attend a most beautiful church service during which parishioners ask for forgiveness, and forgive those who may have wronged them in the past year. As such, we begin the fast unburdened by enmity and negative thoughts as we ask for forgiveness from God, from one another and from all of creation. How special!

  • Easy and amazing whipped feta dip recipe.
  • Baked feta with honey is a simple and delicious meze, perfect with crackers or bread.
  • Peach, tomato and feta salad is a refreshing and delicious summer side or light meal.
  • Baked feta wrapped in filo dough
  • watermelon and feta bites
  • Herb marinated feta

How to use the 2023 Tyrini or Cheesefare Week Meal Plan

First, let’s start by saying that even if you are not following the Orthodox fast, you may still find this meal plan helpful. If you tend to avoid meat and poultry, or are simply trying to increase fish and seafood in your diet, you’ll find much to love here. During Tyrini week, there is a special emphasis on cheese, eggs and fish!

As with all of our other Meal Plans in our 2023 Tyrini or Cheesefare Week Meal Plan we offer you ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as dessert and snack ideas. All of the recipes in the meal plan which are underlined can be clicked and you will be redirected to that recipe post on our website.

What to eat during Tyrini or Cheesefare week:

We could only fit so many recipes into our 2023 Tyrini or Cheesefare week meal plan. Here are some other ideas that we think you will love:

Greek-style hard boiled eggs

Eggs with potatoes and tomato (Αβγά με πατάτες και ντομάτα)

Whipped feta dip recipe

Peach, tomato and feta salad

Kefalograviera crackers with sesame seeds (Κροτίδες με κεφαλογραβιέρα και σουσάμι)

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