Best Mother’s Day Recipes

Best Mother's Day Recipes that Mom will love! Includes ideas for breakfast, dinner and desserts!

Best Mother’s Day Recipes that Mom will love! Includes ideas for breakfast, dinner and desserts!

Mothers. Is there any person in the world more worthy of celebrating? Any woman who has a positive impact on a child’s life is deserving of some extra special attention and love on Mother’s Day. Whether it is a biological Mama, a grandmother, an aunt, a godmother or a good friend, treat the special women in your life with the best way to the heart – with food!

We’ve compiled some of our favourite recipes that are Mom approved. Whether it’s breakfast in bed, a beautiful brunch, a lovely dinner or dessert (or all of these – hey…she deserves it!) we think that these are some of the Best Mother’s Day Recipes around. To get to the recipe, just click on the recipe title. Enjoy!

Best Mother’s Day Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

One of the best ways to celebrate Mom is with a delicious breakfast or brunch. This really starts her special day on the right food. Bonus points if you can manage to offer her breakfast in bed!

Omelette with feta and sun-dried tomatoes

Omelet with feta and sun-dried tomatoes

Croque Kyria

Croque Kyria

Pancakes and peach sauce

Pancakes and peach sauce

Chocolate chip banana bread

The best chocolate chip banana bread, super moist and easy

Best Mother’s Day Dinner Recipes

A delicious dinner that your Mom doesn’t have to cook is always a popular way to celebrate Mother’s Day! We have compiled a variety of dinners, some with fish, some with meat and others which are vegan. There is something for everyone in this selection of the best Mother’s Day dinners! Just make sure that you cook, and clean up afterwards!

Herb baked cod with pasta and marinated artichokes

Fresh herb baked cod with pasta and marinated artichokes is an easy and elegant meal.

Rack of lamb (Ράφι αρνιών)

Greek rack of lamb recipe

Veal roast with potatoes (Μοσχαράκι με πατάτες στο φούρνο)

Veal roast with potatoes

Maple glazed smoked ham

A maple, brown sugar and Dijon glazed ham served with a pineapple salsa

Prime rib roast

The best prime rib roast recipe for any special occasion.

Shrimp saganaki (Γαρίδες σαγανάκι)

Best Mother's Day Recipes that Mom will love! Includes ideas for breakfast, dinner and desserts!

Spanakopita mac and cheese

Spanakopita mac and cheese

Baked ziti casserole

Easy baked ziti casserole with a Greek twist, full of cheese and a hearty meat sauce!

Vegan stuffed eggplant (Παπουτσάκια νηστίσιμα)

Vegan stuffed eggplant (Παπουτσάκια νηστίσιμα)

Pastitsio (Παστίτσιο)


Pork souvlaki (Σουβλάκι χοιρινό)

Grilled Pork souvlaki recipe. Marinated overnight, and deliciously flavourful and tender

Focaccia with tomatoes, olives and feta

Best Mother’s Day Dessert Recipes

Oh desserts! Who doesn’t love something sweet and special. Baking a cake or making a dessert tells the person you are offering it to that you were willing to pour your heart into creating something special! Our list of desserts includes our own mom’s favourite, Revani with coconut, one of Helen’s favourite dessert, Karydopita and one of Billie’s favourites, Double chocolate zucchini cake.

Pantespani (Παντεσπάνι)


Walnut cake (Karydopita – Καρυδόπιτα)

A traditional syrup cake full of walnuts and spices

Revani with coconut (Ρεβανί (ή Ραβανί) με ινδοκάρυδο)

Revani with coconut (Ρεβανί (ή Ραβανί) με ινδοκάρυδο)

Bougatsa (Μπουγάτσα)

Bougatsa (Μπουγάτσα)

Double chocolate zucchini cake

Double chocolate zucchini cake

Lemon ricotta cake

Easy lemon ricotta cake that is full of citrus flavour and with a great texture.

Marble cake (Κέικ βανίλια και σοκολάτα)

Marble cake

Easy apple crisp

Learn how to make an easy apple crisp that will become everyone's favourite.

Raspberry lemon jelly roll cake

A light, sweet, and slightly tart jelly roll cake perfect for summer.

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Best Mother's Day Recipes that Mom will love! Includes ideas for breakfast, dinner and desserts!

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