Mia Kouppa Nativity Fast Meal Plan – 2021

Mia Kouppa Nativity Fast Meal Plan 2021

A FREE downloadable meal plan, NEW lent-friendly recipes, pantry staples and substitutions

and an invitation to help support the JGH Fund for Ovarian Cancer or CarePacks MTL.

Download your FREE Meal Plan and FREE Recipe Collection and FREE pantry staples and substitutions here:

Please enjoy our Free Meal Plan and Additional Lenten Recipes, and please DONATE to either :

Mustache for a Cause to help support the fight against ovarian cancer


or CarePacks MTL


November 15 marks the beginning of the Nativity Fast for Orthodox Christians, a period of fasting which prepares us for the Feast of the Nativity of Christ on December 25th.  This is one of four major fast periods observed during the ecclesiastical calendar and although there is an important focus on abstaining from certain drink (wine) and food (meat, dairy, eggs, fish and oil) there is an equally important, if not more important emphasis, on prayer and almsgiving.

Once again this year we are humbled to be able to offer our Mia Kouppa Nativity Fast Meal Plan and additional resources that we hope will be helpful when it comes to planning meals for you and your family. You can decide to follow our meal plan religiously (see what we did there?!), or simply use it as a guide and source of inspiration. Use it in the way which best suits you, and enjoy! In addition we are offering you a collection of lenten recipes not yet found on our blog and a quick little resource for pantry staples and substitutions which can make many regular meals, lenten meals :).

Mia Kouppa Nativity Fast Meal Plan 2021

In helping you navigate the Nativity Fast, we hope that you will find more opportunity to grow in prayer and almsgiving. Almsgiving is the giving of alms; money and physical gifts offered to the needy or the poor.  It is meant to change the giver, encouraging us to detach from physical comforts and excesses, and it reminds us that giving is a social act, which places us in a relationship with others.  It is an act of solidarity with those who are struggling, and can be a show of support to those who are facing seemingly insurmountable odds and life challenges.

In the spirit of almsgiving, we have once again decided to offer our 2021 Nativity Fast Meal Plan, and additional recipes (not yet on the blog!), list of pantry staples, and lenten-substitutions to you for FREE. This is our gift to you. In turn, we are asking that if you enjoy our meal plan (actually, if you enjoy any part of Mia Kouppa 🙂 ) please consider offering a gift as well. Any act of charity, done with open heart, is a blessing. This year, we invite you to consider donating to one of two causes (or both causes!) that are dear to our hearts, the Mustache for a Cause – 2nd Edition: JGH Fund for Ovarian Cancer and Care Packs MTL. Please take the time to read more about each of them.

Mustache for a Cause – 2nd Edition: JGH Fund for Ovarian Cancer

This group of men, managers and physicians at the CIUSSS West Central Montreal, have put down their razors and come together to raise money to support ovarian cancer research and care. Unfortunately ovarian cancer remains the most lethal gynecological cancer, but new technology and new research promise to change that reality. This initiative is particularly close to our hearts. One of us works alongside these men and has unfortunately seen the devastating impact that ovarian cancer can have on women and their families. Please consider supporting; no amount is too small and every donation is greatly needed and appreciated. You can donate to help support ovarian cancer by clicking here.

Care Packs MTL

In December 2016 our dear friend Paresa decided to make a difference. Distraught by the knowledge that there were so many people living on the streets, she started Care Packs Montreal. Her goal was a lofty one; to assemble and distribute 100 care packs containing everything from warm socks to toothbrushes to coffee cards and more to people experiencing homelessness. Her drive, compassion, and perseverance had her not only surpass her initial goal, but to keep this initiative going every year since.

We are truly in awe of Paresa’s heart and remarkable drive, and invite you to visit her Facebook page; we are certain that you too will be inspired. Then, please reach out to Paresa to see how you too can make a difference by donating essential items, gift cards or anything else that would make someone who is struggling a little more comfortable this holiday season. You can help support this important initiative by clicking here.

About the FREE Nativity Fast Meal Plan

The Mia Kouppa Nativity Fast Meal Plan begins with a few Helpful Hints to help you use it to its maximum potential; please take the time to read through it.  We created the Meal Plan with real life in mind (no big prep meals on a Tuesday evening for example!) and balanced nutrition.

A few other things to know:

  1. Most menu items have a link which will take you directly to the recipe post. Hover over the name of the menu items which are written in blue and are underlined, and double click to get to the recipe.
  2. Some menu items are followed with an asterix *; this means that the recipe is new and was created specifically for this Meal Plan. You will find these recipes in the downloadable document entitled: Mia Kouppa Nativity Fast Recipes.
  3. We have taken into account leftovers. So, for example, you may have Yemista one day for supper, and you’ll see that we suggest you have Yemista the next day for lunch.
  4. We realize that many of you (like us) work during the day, so suggested lunches are items which can be reheated or enjoyed cold or at room temperature.
  5. Finally, we have more Lenten (Nistisima) recipes available than we could list on the Meal Plan, and we will be building upon what we have during the coming weeks. You can consult our Recipe List, scroll to the bottom for the category “Nistisima”, for all the recipes available. This list will be updated every time a new recipe is added.

Mia Kouppa Nativity Fast Meal Plan 2021

Download your FREE Nativity Fast Meal Plan, Additional Recipes and Staples and Substitutions here:

And please, don’t forget to contribute what you can to either Ovarian Cancer Research and Care OR Carepacks Montreal

You can make a donations by clicking here: 

For ovarian cancer research and care:



For Carepacks MTL to support people experiencing homelessness:


Thank you so much and have a blessed fast,


Helen & Billie

Thanks for sharing!


  1. Dorothy's New Vintage Kitchen says:

    How lovely and kind for you to provide this meal plan!

    1. miakouppa says:

      Thank you Dorothy! We love being able to share this. xoxo Helen & Billie

  2. Thank you so much! This is a lifesaver! Wishing you a blessed remainder of lent!

    1. miakouppa says:

      Thank you Ana!! We hope that the meal plan is helpful! We feel blessed to be able to share it 🙂 xox Helen & Billie

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