Tyrini or Cheesefare Week Meal Plan 2022

Our 2022 Tyrini (Cheesefare) Week Meal Plan to take you from Cheesefare Monday to Forgiveness Sunday.

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Tyrini Week (also known as Cheesefare week – Tyri means cheese in Greek) is the last week of Apokreas or Carnivale before the start of Great Lent, which begins on Kathara Deftera (Clean or Ash Monday). Although all food except for red meat and chicken are permitted during this week, there is a special emphasis on dairy and cheese. This is helpful because it offers an opportunity to use up any products you already have in your refrigerator so that they don’t spoil. It’s also an opportunity to gorge on feta, which is usually sorely missed during Great Lent.

The last day of Tyrini week, and the day before the start of Great Lent, is Forgiveness Sunday. This is a beautiful church service during which parishioners ask for forgiveness, and forgiven those who may have wronged them in the past year. As such, we begin the fast unburdened by enmity and negative thoughts as we ask for forgiveness from God, from one another and from all of creation. 

How to use the Tyrini or Cheesefare Week 2022 Meal Plan

If you are following the Orthodox fasting calendar than the week of Tyrini you are eating a pescatarian diet, essentially a vegetarian diet that includes fish and seafood. Although this does allow for many options when it comes to meal planning, a meal plan that relies heavily on all the things which will be missed during Great Lent is handy! As with all of our previous meal plans, our Tyrini Week Meal Plan provides ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks and desserts. Use it as a guide, for inspiration, or follow it religiously (do you see what we did there?) and enjoy!

What to do with all your feta?

Along with following our Tyrini Week Meal Plan, here are a few other ideas for recipes that can help you use up any feta you have in your refrigerator. This isn’t an exhaustive list of all our available cheese recipes. You can find more delicious cheesy delights by visiting our Recipe List.

Sesame coated feta with honey and walnuts

Baked feta with honey

Fried phyllo wrapped feta

Peach tomato and feta salad

Baked Greek feta and mushroom pasta

Focaccia with tomatoes, olives and feta

Tiganopsomo with feta

Tyropitakia or cheese pies

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