Best bread recipes

A compilation of some of our easiest and best bread recipes

From quick breads to no-knead breads, to savoury loafs to sweet breads, we’ve gathered some of our most popular and best-loved bread recipes here in one place. We hope that these recipes will inspire you to give bread baking a try, even if you are a little intimidated. These are straightforward and simple recipes that we know you’ll turn to again, and again.

No-knead breads

No-knead breads are characterized by their very long rising time and the fact that you don’t have to knead them at all. A simple mix with a wooden spoon is all you need to get this dough going. After that, you wait. You wait a long time so this is not a bread-making technique that you want to use when the craving for bread is Now! The end result however is worth the wait. Promise!

No-knead bread with halloumi, mint and orange

Our no-knead bread with halloumi, mint and orange brings together wonderful Mediterranean flavours. The saltiness of the halloumi cheese pairs beautifully with the flavour of mint and orange. Although each element is evident with every bite, the flavours in the bread are not over-powering. Find the recipe for our no-knead bread with halloumi, mint and orange here.

No-knead bread with feta and olives

Classic Greek ingredients come together to create a no-knead bread that is as beautiful as it is delicious. Plenty of sliced Kalamata olives and good quality Greek feta come together to create the best no-knead bread with feta and olives that you will ever have! Find the recipe here.

Easy savoury breads

Although no-knead breads are simple and delicious, they do require patience and time. When you are looking for a carb fix quick, there are other options. We have many recipes that will make even a novice bread baker rise to the occasion (do you see what we did there?).

Part whole wheat bread with honey

This easy bread is sure to become a favourite! Hearty, slightly sweet and with the most wonderful crust and crumb we love the ease of preparing this bread. We know that you will love it too! Check out the recipe here.

Cinnamon raisin bread

Is cinnamon raisin bread actually savoury? Probably not, but it is delicious with a pat of butter and a bit of cheese, so maybe it actually is. Regardless of whether you consider it sweet or savoury, consider it delicious and consider this recipe one you should make, soon. Incredibly easy! Find the recipe for the best cinnamon raisin bread here.

Easy Greek olive and oregano bread

A bread bursting with Greek flavours! We love to bake this bread and serve it with traditional Greek soups like fakes and fasolatha. Find the recipe to this, your new favourite dunking bread, here.

Pita bread

Most people purchase pita bread, and that’s fine. There are plenty of delicious pita breads available in most grocery stores. But, if you want the best pita bread, make it yourself. You’ll be amazed by how easy this recipe is, how flavourful, and how wonderful the texture is. Pita bread is great for making sandwiches (like our spanakopita pita pocket), for scooping up dips like our spicy feta cheese dip (called tyrokafteri) or for wrapping up souvlaki. Learn how to make your own pita bread by checking out our recipe here.


Love bagels? Kouloures can be considered the Greek bagel. They share the same shape and kouloures are coated in sesame seeds, the way bagels often are. The similarities stop there however. Unlike the denser bagel, kouloures are softer and fluffier. These were often our favourite think to buy at the Greek bakery (aside from the cake of course) and we would happily munch on our kouloura while walking home. Now we can make them ourselves, and you can too. Find the recipe here.

Irish soda bread

A perfect quick bread! Irish soda bread does not use yeast as a leavening agent, relying on baking soda instead (hence it’s name). This means that there is no waiting around for the yeast to do it’s thing; there is no proofing time where the dough rises, and then rises again.  Here, baking soda and buttermilk combine to do all the work.  The result is a bread which goes from flour in a bowl to warm bread in your mouth in about 45 minutes. Find our recipe for a traditional Irish soda bread, complete with caraway seeds, here.

Sweet breads

Sometimes it’s difficult to know when you should refer to a recipe as a bread, or a cake. For instance, we make about half a dozen versions of banana bread, but we don’t make a simple banana cake. There really isn’t a logical reason for this except that it seems more acceptable to eat a third of a loaf for breakfast…while then saving the rest for dessert.

All that to say, maybe we are cheating by including the following recipes in our post about our best bread recipes, but we think you’ll forgive us.

The best chocolate chip banana bread, super moist and easyThe best chocolate chip banana bread, super moist and easy

Vegan banana bread

Our vegan banana bread is made with flax seeds instead of eggs and it is loaded with bananas! It is also a large recipe, requiring either 3 loaves or 1 loaf and a bundt pan. This vegan banana bread freezes very nicely, so bake up the whole recipe and enjoy banana bread whenever you need it. Find the recipe to our vegan banana bread here.

Chocolate chip banana bread

A classic banana bread with chocolate chips; this might be the best chocolate chip banana bread that you ever try. Simple, perfectly sweet and loaded with banana and chocolate flavour. You can find the recipe here.

Healthy banana bread with dates

This banana bread is exactly what the recipe states – healthy! Made with part whole-wheat flour, sweetened with dates and molasses (no refined white sugar here) and vegan. We love to start our day with this easy and absolutely addictive recipe. It’s loved by everyone who tries it, and you can find the recipe here.

Easy pumpkin bread

Everyone needs a delicious and easy pumpkin bread recipe in their repertoire, and we think we have the best pumpkin bread recipe for you. The texture is phenomenal, the flavour is incredible, and it’s simple to make. Check out our easy pumpkin bread recipe here.

Holiday and special occasion breads

You can bake whatever you want, whenever you want it! That’s the truth. Still, some recipes tend to only be made during certain times of the year. They are so good though, that we think they should make an appearance more often.

  • Lagana, a traditional, lenten bread, made for Kathara Monday.
  • Christopsomo is a layered Christmas bread with the most unbelievable texture and flavour
  • The fluffiest and most delicious traditional tsoureki, or Greek Easter bread, flavoured with masticha and mahlepi.


Lagana is a Greek flat bread that can be made year round (and it should be, because it’s so easy) but especially on Clean Monday. Our recipe makes two of these flatbreads and they are as much fun to make as they are to eat. Find the recipe for lagana here.


This beautiful loaf is called Christopsomo, or Christ’s bread and it is made during Christmas. Although there are a wide variety of recipes for Christopsomo, our family makes a pretty basic dough, that is prepared in a very fancy way. Learn more about Christopsomo and find there recipe here.


The special Easter bread! Tsoureki is a fragrant and beautiful bread that is similar to challah, but also unique. Tsoureki is flavoured with mastiha and mahlepi, two very special ingredients that make this bread simply amazing. If you have never made tsoureki, be sure to give our recipe a try. There is a reason why so many have told us that our recipes is the best tsoureki bread recipe they have every used. Find the recipe here.

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