Tyrini or Cheesefare Week Meal Plan 2024

March 11, 2024 marks the beginning of Tyrini or Cheesefare Week. This is the week which precedes Great Lent in the Orthodox Faith and it is one where the food focus is on eating eggs, fish and cheese…especially cheese! Tyri in Greek means cheese. To help you celebrate this week I have put together a meal plan that offers you suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks and desserts.

My favourite time of year is approaching. Orthodox Easter, and the weeks leading up to it, are so special and full of meaning. Tyrini Week is the last week of Apokreas or Carnivale in Greece before the start of Great Lent, which begins on Kathara Deftera (Clean or Ash Monday). During Tyrini or Cheesefare week, all food except for red meat and chicken are permitted. There is however a special emphasis on dairy and cheese. Just as Meatfare week, which preceded this one, helps use up any meat you have in your fridge or freezer, Tyrini week encourages you to enjoy all the cheese and eggs you can before the start of Great Lent.

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Helpful hints

Use the meal plan as a guide

This meal plan was created taking into consideration that many of you may work during the day. For this reason, the recipes identified for lunch are ones which are easy to reheat in an office microwave, or which can be eaten cold or at room temperature. One exception is the grilled cheese sandwich suggested for Friday’s lunch – if you will be eating outside of the home you can make a cheese and tomato sandwich instead.

Use the meal plan as a guide

You don’t need to follow this meal plan religiously (ha! do you see what I did there?). Feel free to swap things around, or replace them with other recipes – there are many more egg, cheese and fish recipes on this site that didn’t get included in the meal plan. Recipes like feta and fig crostini, grilled manouri cheese with honey and baked kolokithokeftedes with feta (Greek zucchini fritters) to name a few.

Frequently asked questions

What foods are permitted, and which are not allowed during Tyrini or Cheesefare week?

During this week which precedes the start of Great Lent, all foods except for meat and chicken are permitted. That means you can have dairy, eggs, fish and seafood, wine and olive oil.

How can I access the recipes in the meal plan?

Any recipe which is underlined means that it has a hyperlink to the actual recipe post. Click on the name of the recipe and you will be taken directly to the site. For this reason, using the meal plan online is useful, however you can also print out a copy to keep as a reference.

Download your FREE Meal Plan for 2024

Simply click on the download button to have access to the meal plan for free. From there you will have free access to the recipes as well.

Tyrini Week meal plan 2024

One week is not enough to include all of the amazing recipes which highlight cheese, eggs and fish. Here are a few more that you and your family may love.

Fried fish (Ψαράκια τηγανητά) These small fried fish are absolutely addictive! You can eat the entire thing – bones and all. They are tasty and a real Greek treat.

Alevropita (Αλευρόπιτα) If you want quick and simple, this recipe is for you. This is a flat pita made with flour and feta and it is perfect as part of a light meal.

Kourkoutopita with trahana Made with trahana (a dry grain) and loaded with cheese, this unique pita is not to be missed.

Fried fish
Kourkoutopita is a rustic Greek pita with no phyllo made with trahana.

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