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Hello, and welcome to Mia Kouppa! Here you will find hundreds of delicious recipes for cooking and baking.  We focus primarily on traditional Greek cuisine, and modern takes on Greek classics. You will also find other Mediterranean favourites, plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, and more, including tons of desserts.  All of our content, from pictures to videos, to recipes to posts, is created by us, for you, with care, passion and love.  Take a look around, we think you will find lots to enjoy here with us! 

Why Mia Kouppa

Blogging since 2016, we have published over 400 recipes, each of which is tested again and again before appearing on our site. We are your go-to resource for reliable, delicious Greek recipes, and more.

Recipes are written in clear and detailed language, making them accessible to the novice in the kitchen, the experienced cook, and everything in between.

You will be part of our Mia Kouppa community! This is our little haven on the internet where you will find amazing recipes, lots of helpful kitchen and cooking tips, and so much more!

What We Cover:

You will find so much to enjoy here with us.  We offer traditional and classic Greek recipes, including popular appetizers (or mezedes), sides, soups, main meals and desserts.  You will also find a selection of beverages, holiday specialities and baked goods.  Along with our Greek recipes we have an array of Mediterranean choices, some American favourites and a great variety of vegetarian and vegan recipes. 

More Kouppes

Greece is a small country, but it is diverse! Across its many islands, and the different regions of the mainland, you will find a variety and richness that can be tasted, literally.  More Kouppes is where you will find Greek recipes from places other than where our parents are from. You will also find Greek recipes from other families, like our aunt’s famous cheesecake!

Our Kouppes

Both of us love to cook and bake.  Experimenting in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and tweaking old favourites is so much fun.  We want to share our passion with all of you.  Here you will find recipes that we have created or adapted, and perfected.  Whether it is our popular banana bread or our spanakopita inspired mac and cheese, we think you will love these recipes as much as we do!  

Xenes Koupes

We live in Montreal, Quebec, a city which has a vibrant European flair and a variety of cultures.  Walk down any street and you will hear a panoply of languages, and smell every delicious smell wafting through kitchen windows.  Our passion and respect for food, and its link to tradition and culture led us to celebrate multi-ethnic cuisine.  Here you will find family recipes that are not Greek, (Xenes means other than Greek) like a traditional Italian family recipe for homemade pasta and meat sauce. 

Meet the Team

You see, we have spent years trying to replicate the delicious Greek foods coming out of our parents’ kitchen. Mia Kouppa is our attempt to demystify these vague units of measure; to standardize them so that one metric cup actually equals 250 ml, no matter whose kitchen you are in. We cook with our parents, jotting down notes, taking photos and videos, and chasing after them with proper measuring instruments so that their delicious offerings can be re-created easily by us…and you.

Helen Bitzas

Helen Bitzas

Food styling, Photography, Videography, Recipe development
Hi friends! I’m Helen, and starting a blog had been a dream of mine for a really long time.  I played with a few different ideas, like focusing on fashion or home decor.  Then one evening, as I was trying to get my parents’ moussaka recipe from them over the phone, I had an Aha! moment.  The idea for a blog that would feature our parents’ delicious and traditional Greek recipes was born.  I brought the concept to my sister Billie and asked her to join me in this new venture.  She said yes, and the rest is Mia Kouppa! Since that day back in 2016, Mia Kouppa has become a well-respected, reliable and delicious space where you can find traditional Greek cooking recipes, and more! 

Billie Bitzas

Billie Bitzas

Recipe development, Writing, Story telling
Hi there! I’m Billie, the other half of the sister duo behind Mia Kouppa. Actually, Billie is a nickname I have had since childhood.  My real name is Vasiliki and I am named after my maternal grandmother. When Helen approached me about starting this blog with her, I was immediately on board.  I couldn’t dream about passing up an opportunity to create something with my sister, and with our parents – they are the backbone of Mia Kouppa, and this blog is really an homage to them, and a celebration of our culture and heritage. 

Our Family

Recipe creators & our Inspiration

Behind most Mia Kouppa recipes are our parents, George and Dimitra Bitzas.  They are partners in life, and in the kitchen.  They spend hours together, cooking, baking and creating wonderful food and memories.  Our parents were both born and raised in Messinia, Peloponnese (from different villages) and believe in the value of good food and healthy eating. Because they cook by intuition and experience, they don’t have actual recipes.  The name Mia Kouppa means one cup and pays homage to the fact that they use random cups from the cupboard to measure out ingredients.  Works for them, but not for us! The recipes we share here have been carefully created by cooking with our parents, and measuring everything that they do…with actual measuring cups!

Our Mama

As a young child our mother spent hours in the kitchen with her mother and aunt, cooking for the family.  She is an exceptional home cook, who also had the experience of cooking at the American Embassy in Athens before immigrating from Greece to Canada.

Our Baba

An avid gardener, our Baba loves to use his fresh vegetables and fruits in recipes.  He is also well known in our family for a few of his specialties, including the classic Greek dessert called galaktoboureko and fakes (Greek lentil soup).

Mia Kouppa in the Media

We’re proud to have contributed to and been featured in numerous media outlets and press publications to date!

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Saragli or Baklava cigars are a traditional Greek syrup soaked dessert make with phyllo dough and nuts