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Hi there! I’m Billie, the other half of the sister duo behind Mia Kouppa. Actually, Billie is a nickname I have had since childhood.  My real name is Vasiliki and I am named after my maternal grandmother. When Helen approached me about starting this blog with her, I was immediately on board.  I couldn’t dream about passing up an opportunity to create something with my sister, and with our parents – they are the backbone of Mia Kouppa, and this blog is really an homage to them, and a celebration of our culture and heritage. 

I love to bake and my passion for baking began when I was doing my Bachelors degree at McGill University.  I found that baking was a great stress reliever, and it was not unusual for me to bake cookies and muffins almost every day as a way to relax. My family and friends loved that!  Today I still find baking to be a very calming experience. 

Prior to Mia Kouppa my writing was primarily centered on fictional short stories, poetry and play writing. I have studied writing both in university, and through independent writer workshops. Although these creative avenues are still important to me, at Mia Kouppa I focus on storytelling as it relates to family and culture.  It is at times humourous, nostalgic, and light-hearted fun.


I am a registered nurse with a PhD in Nursing.  My science background means that I pay great attention to detail, a plus when creating recipes.  Also, like nursing, cooking and baking are both science, and art.  The best of both worlds! 

As a researcher, I love it when readers ask questions about a specific recipe, or cooking and baking in general.  If I don’t know the answer, you can be sure that I will find it, and share it with you.

I have taken several baking classes (learning to make everything from sourdough bread to macarons) but most of my learning has been self-taught. I also worked alongside my husband when he had a catering business.

Fun Facts

My bedside table is usually piled high with several books that I am reading, all at the same time.  In that pile you will find at least a few cookbooks, which I read like novels.

I love to bake and am happiest when I am elbow deep in batter. But, I would pass on cake for potato chips any day of the week!

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All of our Greek recipes, from the classics to the regional specialties, found in one place. And a few not so Greek recipes that we happen to love.

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Mia Kouppa hosts hundreds of delicious greek recipes for cooking and baking.  We focus primarily on traditional Greek cuisine, and modern takes on Greek classics. You will also find other Mediterranean favourites, plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, and more, including tons of desserts.  All of our content, from pictures to videos, to recipes to posts, is created by us, for you, with care, passion and love.  Take a look around, we think you will find lots to enjoy here with us!