Easy baked zucchini and potato frittata

An easy baked zucchini and potato frittata loaded with fresh herbs and cheese

An easy baked zucchini and potato frittata loaded with fresh herbs and cheese

This is really a winner of a recipe, and one we think you will make over and over again. Here are a few things that it has going for it:

  • It’s simple easy to make
  • It’s economical
  • It’s absolutely delicious
  • It’s pretty to look at
An easy baked zucchini and potato frittata loaded with fresh herbs and cheese

Those are standards that any great recipe should live up to. Our easy baked zucchini and potato frittata has some other fine attributes too. First, at a time when garden zucchini are plentiful, this is a great way to use one up. When you are a little tired of fried zucchini chips, grilled zucchini and grilled zucchini salad with corn and black eyed peas, this frittata comes to the rescue. Also, because the frittata is actually tastiest when served at room temperature or only slightly warm, it’s a great recipe to make ahead for a brunch or light lunch. Consider serving this frittata with a classic Greek maroulosalata (lettuce salad) for a perfectly healthy and vegetarian meal.

Helpful hints

What is the difference between a frittata and an omelette?

This is a great question. An omelette is made with eggs and any manner of filling, from veggies, to meats, to cheeses. It is always cooked entirely on the stovetop and is usually not flipped over – although it can be folded over.

A frittata on the other hand is slowly cooked, and can be either cooked on the stove top or baked in the oven, or both. Like an omelette, a frittata can be filled with all sorts of lovely ingredients. A large difference between frittatas and omelettes is that a frittata is cooked on the top as well as the bottom. You can do this by either flipping the frittata over if you are cooking it in a fry pan, or turning the oven on broil for just a few minutes after it has finished baking.

Here’s a secret though – we baked this entire frittata in the oven, and did not turn on the broiler. We didn’t want the delicate and beautiful zucchini blossoms to get too charred. No worries, it may not be traditional, but it sure is delicious.

The other very important difference is that although omelette’s often contain milk and cream, a frittata must. This is because the texture is more custard like and the dairy helps contribute to the wonderful texture and lightness that a frittata is known for.

You can read more about the differences between frittatas and omelettes here.

Can I use different cheeses in this easy baked zucchini and potato frittata?

Of course you can. We absolutely adore using the combination of feta and aged cheddar that we do in this recipe, but you can use any cheese you like. We strongly suggest however that you crumble your cheese, or break it apart into small pieces with your hands. This ensures that you can not only taste, but also feel the cheese in your frittata as you eat it.

Is it necessary to fry the potatoes in this recipe?

An extra step, but a necessary one. Lightly frying the potatoes gives them a nice flavour, but also ensures that they are fully cooked. If you are pressed for time you can always fry your potatoes ahead, keep them in the refrigerator, and then use them when you are ready to assemble and bake your frittata.

What if I don’t have a mandoline slicer?

You can still make this frittata without a mandoline slicer by using a sharp knife and making slices as thin as possible. Be careful!

Also, if you like to make this type of recipe, or our fried eggplant chips, our moussaka, or anything else that requires thin slices of veggies, we suggest that you invest in a mandoline slicer. They can be very inexpensive. One of us has one we purchased over 10 years ago for very little money…and it still works great. 🙂

What if I don’t have the zucchini blossoms?

That’s okay, make this easy baked zucchini and potato frittata anyways! The zucchini blossoms are pretty and add a lovely touch to this frittata, but if you don’t have them you can certainly make the recipe anyways. It will still be delicious!

Can the easy baked zucchini and potato frittata be frozen after it is baked?

You can! Wrap the baked and thoroughly cooled frittata well in plastic wrap, place it in a plastic freezer bag, and then freeze it for up to 3 months. Reheat it in the oven before enjoying.

An easy baked zucchini and potato frittata loaded with fresh herbs and cheese

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An easy baked zucchini and potato frittata loaded with fresh herbs and cheese

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An easy baked zucchini and potato frittata loaded with fresh herbs and cheese

An easy baked zucchini and potato frittata loaded with fresh herbs and cheese
An easy baked zucchini and potato frittata loaded with fresh herbs and cheese

Easy baked zucchini and potato frittata

An easy baked zucchini and potato frittata loaded with fresh herbs and cheese
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Course: Breakfast, Light meal, meze
Cuisine: American, Greek
Prep Time: 45 minutes
Cook Time: 40 minutes
Author: Mia Kouppa


  • 9 inch round baking dish or pie plate
  • Mandoline slicer (optional, but highly recommended)


  • 3 potatoes, medium size
  • 1 zucchini, large
  • 5 eggs, large
  • ½ cup (125 mL) milk
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • ¼ tsp ground black pepper
  • ¾ cup chopped fresh flat leaf parsley
  • ¼ cup fresh basil tear the basil by hand (see Recipe Note)
  • 2 tbsp chopped fresh chives
  • 4 zucchini blossoms optional
  • 60 grams Greek feta, crumbled about ⅓ cup
  • 60 grams aged cheddar, crumbled about ⅓ cup
  • 1 tbsp (15 mL) olive oil
  • vegetable oil for frying potatoes


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Prepare your baking dish by greasing the bottom and sides with a small amount of olive oil.
  • Peel your potatoes and rinse them under cold running water. Use a mandoline slicer to slice them into thin rounds. If you do not have a mandoline slicer, use a sharp knife to get the thinnest rounds you can, and try to make them all equivalent.
  • Add 1/2 inch of vegetable oil to a frying pan and heat over medium-high heat. Fry your sliced potato rounds in batches. The potatoes do not need to be thoroughly cooked, but can be slightly browned. Fry for 3 - 4 minutes / side. Remove fried potatoes from hot oil and drain on a paper towel lined dish to remove excess oil. Repeat until all the potato slices are fried.
  • Rinse your zucchini. Chop off the stem end and then use the mandoline slicer to slice the zucchini into thin rounds.
  • Place your fried potato slices on the bottom of your baking dish. Be sure to overlap the potatoes. You will likely end up with about 3 layers of potato. Sprinkle with 1/4 teaspoon salt.
  • Next, layer the zucchini on top of the potatoes. Overlap the zucchini slices and be sure to have at least 2 layers of zucchini. (See Recipe Note)
  • In a medium sized bowl whisk together the eggs, milk, remaining salt, pepper, baking powder, fresh herbs and the cheeses.
  • Pour the egg mixture over the zucchini and shake the baking pan around to ensure that the egg is evenly dispersed in the baking pan.
  • If desired (highly recommended) decorate the top of your frittata with zucchini blossoms. To do so, use a sharp knife to cut off the base of the zucchini blossom and then make a cut lengthwise to open the blossom up. Fan them out decoratively on top of the frittata.
  • Drizzle the top with olive oil.
  • Cover the frittata with aluminum foil and bake in the middle rack of your oven for 30 minutes.
  • Remove cover and bake for an additional 10 minutes.
  • Allow the frittata to cool and set before serving. Frittata is served best at room temperature or only slightly warm.
  • Enjoy.


If your zucchini is not large enough to give you enough slices to have minimally 2 layers in your frittata then use a second zucchini.  
Any potatoes would work in this recipe; we have used both Russet potatoes and yellow fleshed potatoes with good results.
Basil is a very delicate herb; we prefer to tear it into small pieces with our hands as opposed to chopping it with a knife for this recipe.

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  1. Dorothy's New Vintage Kitchen says:

    This looks so delicious!

    1. miakouppa says:

      Thanks Dorothy!! So glad you think so 🙂 xoxo Helen & Billie

    1. miakouppa says:

      Thank you so much 🙂 xoxo Helen & Billie

  2. Vanessa Karta says:

    I made this! Easy and it was delicious! Where can I post my photo?

    1. miakouppa says:

      Yeah!! We are so happy to hear that you tried the recipe and loved it. You can share your photo on Instagram and tag Mia Kouppa @miakouppa and #miakouppa. We would love to be able to see how it turned out, and to share on our stories. xoxo Helen & Billie

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