Easy fall dessert recipes!

Easy fall dessert recipes featuring your autumn harvest

Easy fall dessert recipes featuring your autumn harvest

Although we just adore summer, fall is where our hearts truly lie. There is something about the early days of autumn, when the morning air is brisk, the afternoon sun still warms your soul and the late evening chill ensures that sleep is sound and cozy. Fall is about harvesting and preserving the gifts of summer and enjoying the fruits, quite literally, of the fall season. Apples, pears, pumpkins. These are a few of the delicious reasons we love fall baking. What follows are some of our favourite easy fall dessert recipes starring these fall faves.

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Milopita (Greek apple cake)

Apple pie, or Greek milopita

This is a classic Greek apple cake, and we promise that if you try it – you will love it. This cake is a cinch to make (it only requires one bowl!), and is loaded with apples!

Vegan apple cake

Vegan apple cake

Because we want everyone to enjoy a great apple cake, we created this vegan version. Not only is this cake egg and dairy-free, but it is also free of refined white sugar, it includes some whole-wheat flour and is sweetened with pure maple syrup. This is a cake you can feel good about having many slices of!

Apple baklava

Apple baklava

Our Fall take on the classic baklava. This dessert is a cross between an apple pie and a traditional baklava, and it is definitely a dessert you want to make soon! Full of apples, walnuts and spices, it’s hard not to love this one!

Pumpkin pita

Pumpkin or winter squash pita

No, not pumpkin pie! This, dear readers, is a pumpkin pita and it is a traditional Greek pita, although less well-known than spanakopita and tyropita.

Mini apple pies with phyllo

Milopitakia or mini apple pies with phyllo, filo

If you feel like apple pie, but don’t feel like making pie dough, this is the answer! In some ways we like these even better than a traditional apple pie. The phyllo gives a great crunch, which complements the apple filling

Almond and pear cake

Pear and almond cake

We can’t get enough of this lovely dessert. Our parents’ have a very productive pear tree and we’re always trying to find ways to ensure that not a single pear goes unappreciated. One of the ways we do this is by baking our almond and pear cake.

Easy fall dessert recipes featuring your autumn harvest

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  1. Dorothy's New Vintage Kitchen says:

    Beautiful desserts, especially that apple cake!

    1. miakouppa says:

      Thanks Dorothy! Yes, the apple cake is really amazing. xoxo Helen & Billie

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