Upside down apricot and molasses cake

Upside down apricot and molasses cake

A classic upside down apricot and molasses cake which tastes of gingerbread and happiness

Upside down apricot and molasses cake

There is something so old-fashioned about an upside-down cake; whenever we make this dessert we feel that we should wear long, flowery dresses with embroidered aprons and then serve it with Salada in vintage tea cups and conversation about good books and family values.  We’re not actually sure when the first upside-down cake was made, but we’re pretty sure it was a long time ago and that it created quite a happy commotion.  Our upside down apricot and molasses cake creates a bit of a fuss too – and it’s all good!

There are many ways to prepare an upside down cake, and various fruits can be used as the base, which then becomes the topping.  What almost all these cakes have in common however is the rich, caramelized butter and sugar layer which combines with the fruit to produce a topping which is sticky, sweet, and just plain good.  We make this cake with fresh apricots when they are in season, or canned or jarred apricots when they are not.  Both are delicious!  The flavour is mellow, the texture sublime, and the little concave place where the pit used to be is perfect for placing a maraschino cherry (or perhaps a goji berry if you want to be more presumptuous modern).

Upside down apricot and molasses cake

Helpful hints

If you are using canned or jarred apricots (as we did in the cake pictured) is is really important that they are thoroughly dry.  If they are not, there will be too much liquid in the bottom of your pan which may interfere with the caramelization process, leaving you with a soggy upside down topping.  This can even cause some of your apricot halves to remain in the pan after you turn out the cake.  This is purely theoretical of course and has never happened to us…we’re food bloggers after all.


There are many varieties of molasses available in most large grocery stores.  This upside down apricot and molasses cake calls for a light molasses, which is sweeter than dark molasses because of the way that it is produced.  You can definitely use dark molasses if that is what you have on hand, or if you want to cut the sweetness a little bit.  What you don’t want to use is blackstrap molasses, which has a bitter and very strong flavour.

Upside down apricot and molasses cake

We really like to decorate this cake with maraschino cherries; we actually like how they taste and find they make the cake pretty and even more vintage looking.  Doing so also reminds us of our parents because they usually use these cherries to top their revani cake.  If you would rather not use maraschino cherries however, you can add any small fruit or nut to the center of your apricot halves; blackberries and raspberries would work well, as would candied almonds.  You could also choose to leave your cake as is.

Upside down apricot and molasses cake
Upside down apricot and molasses cake

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  1. Looks so gorgeous! Love those juicy sweet apricots.

    1. miakouppa says:

      Thank you so much! It really is a stellar dessert! So full of flavour, and so easy too.

  2. indianeskitchen says:

    Fascinating dessert! I have never heard of anything like this before. Thanks for sharing!

    1. miakouppa says:

      Oh thank you! Well, we hope we’ve inspired you to give it a try…it’s delicious 🙂

  3. Can I use fresh apricots

    1. miakouppa says:

      Hi Aspassia, You sure can! Enjoy the cake xoxo Helen & Billie

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