Easy 4 ingredient taramosalata

Easy 4 ingredient taramosalata made without potatoes or bread.

Easy 4 ingredient taramosalata made without potatoes or bread

Αφράτη και εύκολη ταραμοσαλάτα με 4 υλικά. Have you ever eaten a cloud? We have, and it was pink! Now, you can too, because we are able to share with you Kyrio Iraklis’ incredible and easy 4 ingredient taramosalata. Not sure who Iraklis is? Have never heard of taramosalata? No worries, we got you.

Easy 4 ingredient taramosalata made without potatoes or bread.

Iraklis and his lovely wife Bessy have been Helen’s neighbours for 18 years. Their backyards are separated by a fence, which in the summer helps support Iraklis’ cucumbers and tomato plants. As far as neighbours go, you could hardly ask for anyone better. It is always comforting to know that the people living right next door are good, honest, and kind. If they can also cook, well, that’s a bonus!

Now retired for many years, Iraklis owned and worked in restaurants his entire life. It’s no surprise then that the man knows how to cook! Being Greek, it’s also no surprise that he rather regularly rings Helen’s doorbell bearing gifts. Sometimes it is fruit from Jean Talon Market, where, in retirement, he works during the summer. Other times it is a platter of desserts, like baklava or koulourakia that he has baked. When his garden is in harvest he offers her tomatoes, zucchinis and green beans. And then one day, when he knew that our entire family would be gathering for dinner, he shared a container of his easy, 4 ingredient taramosalata. We had never tasted anything like it!

What is taramosalata?

Taramosalata is a dip, or spread, made of carp roe called tarama. The tarama is usually combined with with either potatoes, as in the recipe we have posted (you can find that version of taramosalata here) or with bread. It is absolutely delicious spread on bread, used as a dip for crackers or veggies. Sources tell us that it is also great eaten by the spoonful.

Where to buy tarama

You can find tarama in most Greek or Mediterranean grocery stores. You can also find it online. It is usually a dark pink / orange colour, although you can also find tarama that is lighter. Either will be fine to make this easy 4 ingredient taramosalata.

How to make Iraklis’ easy 4 ingredient taramosalata

The reason that Iraklis’ version of taramosalata is so light and fluffy is because he actually does not use either potatoes or bread. It’s true! His taramosalata is made with a base of oil, which gets emulsified with the tarama, an onion and some fresh lemon juice. The result is like a mousse and it is out of this world!

Iraklis has a classic (also known as they don’t make them like the used to) Osterizer brand blender. His blender has a Stir option. If your blender has this option as well, then you can use it. Otherwise, set your blender speed to medium.

Taramosalata is nistisimo, and perfect for lent

Orthodox Christians follow strict fasting rules during period of lent. Meat, eggs and dairy are prohibited, but shellfish is permitted. Fish roe is also permitted, making taramosalata a popular option during lent. It is not only delicious, but the tarama is also nutritious and high in Omega 3 fats. It is also one of the only foods to contain Vitamin D, and is high in Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin K2, zinc, and iodine.

Easy 4 ingredient taramosalata made without potatoes or bread.
Easy 4 ingredient taramosalata made without potatoes or bread.

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Nov. 15, 2023: In loving memory of my dearest neighbour, and friend, Iraklis. I’m really going to miss you, and our daily chats. Rest in Peace. – Helen

Easy 4 ingredient taramosalata made without potatoes or bread.
Easy 4 ingredient taramosalata made without potatoes or bread.

Easy, four ingredient taramosalata

Easy, four ingredient taramosalata made without bread or potatoes.
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Course: Appetizer, meze
Cuisine: Greek
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Processing time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 1.5 cups
Author: miakouppa


  • 1 Immersion (or stick) blender


  • 45 grams tarama about 1 heaping tablespoon
  • 1/4 cup chopped up yellow onion (about half an onion) about half an onion
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice about half a lemon
  • 1 ¼ cups canola oil


  • Begin by placing the tarama, onion and lemon juice in a narrow container (See Recipe Note) Let sit for about 5 minutes, allowing the onion and tarama to soften a bit.
    45 grams tarama, 1/4 cup chopped up yellow onion (about half an onion), 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • Place the immersion blender inside the container and push it all the way to the bottom; hold it firmly over the ingredients. Turn the blender on high and don't move it for about 10-15 seconds. You will start to see the ingredients combining.
  • Start to pour in the oil. As you begin to pour in the oil, keep the blender on but do not move it until you see the ingredients starting to emulsify. Try to avoid moving the blender at first. As you continue to slowly pour in the oil, and you see the emulsification beginning, you can slowly start moving the blender up and down to combine the ingredients. Keep adding the oil and blending and moving the stick up and down, until the taramosalata achieves a light and fluffy consistency. This should take about 5 minutes. During this time, you will need to occasionally scrape the blades of your immersion blender clean so that it continues to work efficiently.
    1 ¼ cups canola oil



I use a 750 ml mason jar to make the taramosalata. The opening or rim of the container you choose should be only a little wider than the width of the immersion blender.

Thanks for sharing!


  1. Dorothy's New Vintage Kitchen says:

    Easy and delicious!

    1. miakouppa says:

      It is! Thank you Dorothy!

  2. I know it’s just putting things in a blender but I have never wanted a video so much. Just the expression of joy on Iraklis’ face, he looks like such a happy and friendly person. I have a blender that’s about the same age as his, I think, so I hope my chances of success are high! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe and the great photos.

    1. miakouppa says:

      What a great comment, and we couldn’t agree more! Iraklis is joyful, energetic and a wonderful and generous cook! Maybe we can get him to do this with us again, and agree to a video 🙂 Let us know how your taramosalata turns out! xoxo Helen & Billie

  3. Carrie Terra says:

    How long do you blend it for?? Mine came out very loose.

    1. miakouppa says:

      Hi Carrie. Several minutes for sure. It should not be loose, but instead a mousse like texture. Part of the trick is to pour the oil in slowly. Try blending it a bit longer and see if that helps!

  4. tdchinges says:

    Thank you for this recipe, I’ve been looking forward to your updates!

    1. miakouppa says:

      Great! Enjoy! xoxo Helen & Billie

  5. I am a vegetarian and this recipe is great!

  6. Maria Jensen says:

    Thank you so much for this incredible recipe. I have always made taramosalata with bread and was quite skeptical when I first saw your ingredients. Well I just finished making a batch and it truly is spectacular. Tasty, light and fluffy. The best I have ever had. Even my 92 year old traditional Greek mother can’t stop talking about how great it tastes. I can always trust your recipes and have never had a bad experience making anything you have posted, Thank you!5 stars

    1. miakouppa says:

      Thank you so much Maria! We are thrilled to know that you loved this recipe 🙂 We truly appreciate your support and encouragement!! Hope you continue to find much to love here with us xoxo Helen & Billie

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