Grilled chicken bowl

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A grilled chicken bowl inspired by Greek flavours.

A grilled chicken bowl inspired by Greek flavours

What is it about bowls? Honestly, you could take every single component in our grilled chicken bowl, lay it all out on a dish, eat it, and think Well, that was delicious. But the minute you take all of these ingredients, arrange them in a bowl all pretty, you think, even before eating it Well, this is going to be delicious! Just like frappé tastes better sipped on a beach in Greece, just like ice cream tastes best right out of the container, this recipe taste better in a bowl than it does on a plate.

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Chicken souvlaki

Marinated chicken breasts which make an amazing chicken brochette.

Marinated chicken breasts which make an amazing chicken brochette.

Σουβλάκι κοτόπουλο. Years ago our parents, and each of our families, spent several weeks in Greece. It was a special trip because we were all together, for almost the entire summer. There were periods during which we went our separate ways, to visit places and people outside of our Kalamata home base, but otherwise we were together. It was also the year that our dear cousin got married, and the first time that our extended family met Billie’s daughters, the youngest being 3 years old at the time.

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Chicken fingers

Chicken fingers

Battered, fried and incredibly flavourful and moist chicken tenders

As you may know, each of us has 2 daughters and although they are now teenagers and adults (when did that actually happen?) memories of them as little girls are as vivid as if they happened yesterday. The adorable frilly dresses. The pony tails and animal shaped hair clips. The innocent wonder of eyes gazing into the world, full of curiosity. The sweet, darling voices asking for one more book before bed.

But let’s be honest, we also remember the temper tantrums in the mall. The permanent marker all over the bedspread. The defiance, the whining, the sibling rivalry. The refusal to eat anything green or the insistence to eat only a handful of items, over and over again. One of those things, asked for regularly, were chicken nuggets or fingers.

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Green beans baked with chicken and potatoes (Φασολάκια στο φούρνο με κοτόπουλο και πατάτες)

Green beans baked with chicken and potatoes

A classic Greek one pan meal of fresh green beans baked alongside chicken and potatoes in a rich tomato sauce

Our parents’ garden is full of delicious things to eat, including a large section devoted to a few varieties of green beans. Growing tall, these plants are secured by using things like long bamboo shoots, old broken hockey sticks (because, Canada) and thin planks of wood that our dad has found, somewhere. Perhaps not the most elegant set up, but certainly functional. Like many things in their garden (old feta buckets as planters) practicality and availability supersede beauty, always.

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Greek chicken and quinoa salad

Greek chicken and quinoa salad

A healthy and delicious combination of chicken, quinoa and Greek flavours.

Sometimes a salad is a wonderful side to a meal, like our fresh and simple maroulosalata and our fennel salad. Sometimes a light salad can be a meal, as is often the case during the summer months when our garden tomatoes are ripe and our Greek horiatiki or village salad is on repeat 7 days a week. And sometimes, like with this recipe, a salad can be a hearty meal, one that you can happily serve to a hungry family, and one which is substantial enough to serve guests invited to dine with you under the summer stars.

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Chicken wings with a feta dipping sauce

Chicken wings with a feta dipping sauce

Baked wings inspired by Greek flavours and served with a tangy and spicy feta dipping sauce

When we go to the movies, we want popcorn. When we attend a Greek wedding, we hope for diples. And when we’re watching the game, any game actually, we want wings. Sports and chicken wings go hand in hand. Any sport, and any kind of chicken wing, are a perfect, winning, combination.

We love all sorts of wings, and we especially love them when they are crispy, but not greasy. With this recipe, we have just that; crispy wings that are baked instead of fried, and served with a feta dipping sauce. Whenever we serve these chicken wings and dip, we score big points!

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Hilopites with chicken (Κοτόπουλο κοκκινιστό με χυλοπίτες)

Hilopites with chicken

Greek noodles and chicken prepared in a delicious tomato sauce

Have you ever had square pasta? Like small little squares of egg noodles that are delicate and full of flavour? If you’re Greek, or have ever visited a Greek home, we think that the answer might be (should be) Yes!

Hilopites are the small, square-shaped egg noodles that we grew up with. In fact, we have very vivid memories of our parents gathering with aunts and uncles and dear friends, spending the day making hilopites from scratch. Flour, water (or was it milk?), salt, eggs all worked together and transformed to make long strips of noodles that were then cut by hand into perfectly imperfect squares.

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Turkey and cranberry kataifi parcels

Turkey and cranberry kataifi parcels

Roasted turkey and cranberry sauce packaged in buttery kataifi pastry

So technically speaking, this is not a traditional Greek recipe and it is not something that our parents ever made. In fact, for most large gatherings and holidays it was lamb on the menu instead of turkey, and if we were in the mood for poultry, rooster made an appearance. Our parents also never made cranberry sauce; in fact they only ever tried it when we started to make it ourselves. The North American festive holiday meal of roasted turkey, complete with stuffing, gravy and homemade cranberry sauce became our purview once we began to host celebratory dinners in our homes.

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Greek marinated chicken thighs

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Greek marinated chicken thighs

Chicken thighs infused with Greek flavours!  So delicious!

Thighs.  For many of us, the mention of thighs immediately causes us to think of swimwear shop changing rooms, gaps that are unattainable and hot wax followed by searing pain.  Well, we’re here to redirect your attention, because some thighs are better than others.

Chicken thighs are a good and generally accessible source of lean protein; although they do have more calories and fat than white chicken meat,  they tend to be more tender and flavourful.  Still, because of the caloric and fat content, you may not want to be eating chicken thighs every day.  So, when you do decide to enjoy them, a great recipe is important.  We’ve got you covered with this recipe for Greek marinated chicken thighs.

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Trahana soup with chicken (Σούπα τραχανά με κοτόπουλο)

Trahana soup with chicken

A Greek alternative to chicken noodle soup

Cold winter months, bone-chilling rainy days, and work weeks so long they make you feel beaten down, are all made better with a nice bowl of comfort.  In many families that often means chicken noodle soup, and although we would never dispute the claim that this popular soup can cure many ills, we would like to add another option to the mix.  This trahana soup with chicken was the chicken noodle soup of our childhoods;  the meal we were presented with when under the weather, stressed from school or just needing a quick way to be nourished and satisfied.

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