Sheet pan spanakopita quesadilla

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An amazing way to get all the flavour of spanakopita with our sheet pan spanakopita quesadilla.

An amazing way to get all the flavour of spanakopita with our sheet pan spanakopita quesadilla

The flavours of spanakopita are out of this world. Anyone who thinks that they don’t like spinach has never had it mixed with feta and ricotta, the combination of which is then wrapped and baked or fried into a crispy package. There are so many different recipes for spanakopita and we have yet to try one we haven’t loved.

The only downside to making spanakopita is the time commitment. Opening your own phyllo is an art and it takes patience and practice. Using store-bought phyllo sheets is much simpler, but still requires a bit of care as you lay your sheets out and make little spanakopita triangles. But using tortillas? Well, this just is a game-changing technique!

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Spinach and cheese pita pocket

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Spinach and cheese pita pocket full of spinach, feta and mozzarella.

Spinach and cheese pita pocket full of spinach, feta and mozzarella.

Ever crave spanakopita, but don’t have the time, energy or desire to make one? We feel like that sometimes! In those moments we have been known to call our parents to see if they happen to be rolling out phyllo dough in the middle of the afternoon to make one of their amazing spanakopitas…and if they are, would they mind if we came by to take it. Although we are often in luck (these two have limitless energy), sometimes they inform us that, no! No spanakopita – but we could drive by to pick up some pastitsio and galaktoboureko, which we happily do. Still, after eating our fill of other delicious things, we still find ourselves wanting spanakopita.

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Pasta with tomato and red pepper sauce

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An easy pasta recipe with a smooth and spicy tomato and red pepper sauce

An easy pasta recipe with a smooth and spicy tomato and red pepper sauce

This recipe was developed by chance, and over the course of a few months. The intention was never to post it onto the website; this was just a recipe we tweaked and played with so that we made it just right for a vegan that we love. Since most members of our family are not vegan (unless we are fasting for lent), on nights when dinner is something delicious like Greek-style spaghetti with meat sauce or moussaka, we need to made something separate for anyone not eating meat. Something separate… and hopefully quick, easy, nutritious and delicious. This pasta with tomato and red pepper sauce is all of that, and more!

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Spinach, arugula and strawberry salad

A delightful summer salad made with baby spinach, fresh strawberries and tossed with a slightly sweet vinaigrette

A delightful summer salad made with baby spinach, fresh strawberries and tossed with a slightly sweet vinaigrette

Σαλάτα με σπανάκι, ρόκα και φράουλες. What a delightful salad this is! When we’re in full blown strawberry season, which in Quebec lands between June and October, we prepare this spinach, arugula and strawberry salad often, like every-few-days often.

We first had this salad, or something similar, at a friend’s home. In the center of the table, surrounded by all sorts of grilled meats, dips, potatoes and other salad sat a large bowl of green and red. It was the first thing to go, and almost everyone returned to get a second helping of the salad which was made with spinach and sliced strawberries. Since then we’ve seen variations at various gatherings, including those which we host.

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Mason jar salad with quinoa and chickpeas

Mason jar salad with quinoa and chickpeas

A perfect make ahead meal which is vegan, gluten-free and so very nutritious!

Some days we are so rushed in the morning that we head out for work without packing a lunch, and that really sucks. Can you relate? Every best intention to head to the cafeteria or nearby restaurant to buy something healthy is usurped by the sights and smells of tempting options – like French fries and mayonnaise loaded sandwiches. We try to be strong, but sometimes we’re weak and we give in to greasy temptations.

One solution is to have ready-made, grab-and-go lunches ready and waiting. There is no morning that is so busy that you can’t open the fridge and pull out an already packed lunch to take along with you. And when you make a few of these pre-packed meals at a time, you’re winning at life!

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Spanakopita mac and cheese

Spanakopita mac and cheese

Greek-style macaroni and cheese inspired by the flavours of spanakopita

It’s hard to know what constitutes comfort food for some people. Often comfort comes from memories that are associated with a particular food, even more so than what it actually tastes like. Ultimately, we believe that comfort food tastes like home, safety, happiness and love. It’s not unusual for comfort food to be hearty and humble. They are often stews or soups, meals with rich sauces, and very frequently, they are full of cheese.

Mac and cheese is a popular comfort food, and it rates high in our families as well. For one of our husbands, a rough day at work or a need for indulgence means boxed mac and cheese (you know, the kind with the powdered orange cheese in the package) with fried ground beef mixed in. Topped with ketchup and freshly cracked black pepper, and you have a very satisfied man.

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Spinach and rice soup (Σούπα με σπανάκι και ρύζι)

Spinach and rice soup

A simple soup with the familiar flavours of spanakopita.

This is a recipe that most of you will be able to make right now. Like seriously, check out the ingredients and then take a peak in your pantry and fridge. If you like to cook, or even if you only like to eat, chances are very, very good that you have everything you’ll need to make our spinach and rice soup.

This soup is inspired by a few things that we love. Obviously, we love soups – but more than that we love being able to feed our families with meals that are quick, simple, and inexpensive without sacrificing nutrition and flavour. And speaking of flavour, this soup was inspired by a few of our favourite recipes; the building blocks are similar to what you would find in spanakopita (yum!) and spanakorizo (yum again!).

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Spanakopita inspired deviled eggs

Spanakopita inspired deviled eggs
Spanakopita inspired deviled eggs

Deviled eggs made with spinach, feta and ricotta

Sponsored by Egg Farmers of Canada

Every day is special; of that there is no doubt! Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, the first day of college or the first day of retirement, life is full of small and grand moments that beg to be celebrated.

These days we find it especially important to look for the positives. There is no denying that our world has changed, at least temporarily, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed and blinded to the beauty of the everyday and the goodness that surrounds us. But, it’s especially during trying times that we need to shift our focus, and zero in on the positive; not to ignore everything else, but to be reminded that hope and heroes exist!

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Gluten-free pasta with vegetables

Gluten-free pasta with vegetables

Vegan meal of quinoa and rice pasta tossed with vegetables and a bit of chili heat.

There are so many special diets out there these days. Aside from all the ways that people are trying to either lose weight, or get fit, there are also medical reasons and lifestyle choices that can sometimes make cooking for guests a little challenging. But we love a challenge, and we love coming up with recipes that will probably satisfy every food restriction you may host.

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Spanakoquinoa (Σπανάκοκινόα)


A new take on a classic Greek recipe: spinach and quinoa cooked in a rich tomato based sauce.

Quinoa is not a grain we grew up with, and it is not traditionally used in Greek cooking. The grains you will more commonly find in Greek recipes include semolina, corn, barley, bulgur and whole wheat berries. All delicious and all used to make incredible foods and desserts.

But we do love quinoa. Our first introduction to this super grain was while one of us was an undergraduate in university. Walking through the neighbourhood around campus, trying to find dinner to carry us through an evening spent in the library, we came across a health food store. Although quite commonplace now, at the time natural food stores which sold things like vegan mayonnaise, tofu, nori, and quinoa were rare. Optimum was a two floor shop; the first floor on street level sold aromatherapy oils, incense, books and herbal medicines. The basement level was the grocery store and it was here that one could wander the aisles and see things that were foreign and fascinating.

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