I say tomato, you say…yeah, but what kind of tomato?  Greeks love tomatoes and we incorporate this fruit (yes, tomatoes are fruit) into several traditional recipes.  When fresh tomatoes are called for, things are pretty straightforward; find the freshest, most delicious tomatoes and buy them.  If you are lucky enough to have a garden, or even a small balcony that can accommodate a pot, plant some tomato seeds and enjoy freshly-picked, vine-ripened tomatoes for as long as the weather in your neck of the woods allows.  Otherwise, try to find the ripest, sweetest smelling tomatoes at the grocery store and keep them on the counter until you are ready to use them.  In our city, we are lucky to have a local company which grows beautiful vine-ripened tomatoes year round, in a rooftop greenhouse.  Incredible!  Maybe you have something similar where you live?  Regardless of where you find your perfect tomatoes, do not place them in the refrigerator, particularly if you are planning to eat them uncooked. The cold temperature does bad things to tomatoes, damaging their inner membranes and giving them that nasty mealy texture that is very un-tomato like.  Great tomatoes belong on the kitchen counter, showing off their bright red skins and fresh green stems.

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