Greek Salad Egg Scramble

Greek Salad Egg Scramble

Never waste another bite of leftover Greek village salad! Now you can reinvent the leftovers into something else – this Greek salad egg scramble or Horiatiki strapatsada.

Key Ingredients



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Cook the leftover Greek salad over medium heat stirring regularly until almost all of the liquid has evaporated.

Step 1

Add the eggs to the frying pan and allow to cook for a minute or so.

Step 2

When most of the egg has set, begin to stir it around with a spatula to ensure that all of the egg is cooked.

Step 3

- Be sure to use a medium heat when cooking down your leftover Greek village salad. - It may seem odd to include warm cucumbers in an omelette, but trust me, it works!

Easy Tips

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