Pizzapitakia Phyllo Pizza Pockets

Pizzapitakia Phyllo Pizza Pockets

We call these pizzapitakia or phyllo pizza pockets- like spanakopitakia, but instead of a filling of spinach and feta, the inside of these triangles is full of pizza goodness.

Key Ingredients

phyllo dough

mozzarella cheese

and more...

Saute mushrooms. Season with pepper. In a medium size bowl combine all of the ingredients and mix well.

Step 1

Unroll the phyllo dough. Cut into strips. Brush with some olive oil. Place filling at the bottom of the phyllo strip. Top with cheese. Fold into triangles.

Step 2

Brush olive oil on top of each triangle. Top with desired toppings.

Step 3

Bake for about 10 minutes.

Step 4

- You can freeze your pizzapitakia before baking them. Freeze them on a baking sheet and then transfer to a freezer bag. - You can fill your pizzapitakia with any filling you like.

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Fried phyllo wrapped feta

Mushroom and chestnut phyllo triangles