Kefalotyri Cheese Crisps

Kefalotyri Cheese Crisps

These cheese crisps are so easy, so delicious and so much fun to make (and eat). We do need to issue a warning however, you will quickly become addicted to them!

Key Ingredients

kefalotyri cheese

black pepper

and more...

Divide your grated kefalotyri cheese into 8 portions. Transfer portions of cheese onto baking tray and create circular crisps that are flat.

Step 1

Top with freshly cracked black pepper to taste, and bake for about 15 minutes. Cool and enjoy!

Step 2

- You can try making cheese crisps with pecorino cheese, halloumi, romano, parmesan or graviera cheese. - You can also use them as a base for bruschett.

Easy Tips

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