Grilled Manouri Cheese with Honey

Grilled Manouri Cheese with Honey

There is nothing easier than grilled manouri cheese with honey. For real! This Greek meze is ready in about 5 minutes, involves very few ingredients, and is special enough to be served to guests.

Key Ingredients

manouri cheese

olive oil

and more...

Heat grill pan until very hot. Brush both sides of cheese with olive oil and place onto grill pan. Cook.

Step 1

Carefully flip the cheese over and cook on the other side, creating the same crisscross pattern.

Step 2

Transfer grilled manouri to a serving plate. Drizzle with honey and cracked black pepper.

Step 3

- Serve with baguette pieces, crackers or pita bread. Enjoy! - You can either make this lovely meze outdoors on your barbeque, you can also use a grill pan and make it on the stovetop.

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