Giant Beans with Greens

Giant Beans with Greens

Some of the things that our parents grow are greens. They use these in all sorts of recipes like their spanakorizo and stewed swiss chard recipe and this recipe for giant beans (gigantes) with greens.

Key Ingredients

white runner beans

olive oil

and more...

Soak your beans in cold water overnight. Drain and rinse. Boil beans in a large pot. Cook until tender. Drain. Set aside.

Step 1

Chop your greens and wash them well. Set aside.

Step 2

In a frying pan heat olive oil. Saute the other ingredients for about 7-8 minutes. Add the greens and allow to cook. Remove from the heat.

Step 3

Spread the greens at the bottom of a baking dish. Top with parsley and then layer beans on top. Add water, salt, pepper and olive oil.

Step 4

Bake for approximately 30 minutes. Drizzle with olive oil, and squeeze lemon over the contents in the pan. Stir well to combine and enjoy!

Step 5

- If you cannot find white runner beans (gigantes), you can use giant lima beans instead.  - For the mixed greens, we used a combination of curly chicory, swiss chard; and escarole lettuce.

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