Fried zucchini chips (Tηγανητά κολοκυθάκια)

Greek fried zucchini chips. A delicious and easy recipe!

Greek Fried zucchini chips. A simple, and delicious recipe!

Zucchini (also called courgettes by people with lovely British accents) are funny vegetables; they kind of just creep up on you.  If you have ever planted zucchini in your garden, we can bet the farm (we don’t actually have a farm) that you have had an Oh My! zucchini moment.  You know, those times where you check to see if there is anything to harvest, and somewhere, deep in the mess of prickly leaves and stems, you find a zucchini that you had clearly missed during previous pickings.  It seems that even an extra day or two of undetected growing leads to Steroid Squash; mammoth zucchini that we can’t help but pose for pictures with… you know… to give perspective.

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