Pork fillet appetizer (Χοιρινό φιλέτο μεζέ)

Pork tenderloin fillet appetizer

Pork Fillet Appetizer, Greek meze

We try really hard to be good people, and that includes living in a way which helps respect and protect our environment.  We compost, we recycle and re-use, we try and limit our carbon footprint and we re-purpose whenever and whatever we can. Therefore, in the spirit of making something old, new again, we’ve decided to re-share a recent recipe.  By presenting it in a different way,  it serves a new, delicious purpose.

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Pork tenderloin and rice (Χοιρινό φιλέτο με ρύζι)

Pork tenderloin with rice

Pork Tenderloin with rice

Marinades are marvelous.  They are usually quite easy to mix together and once you do, the only thing left, is to wait.  Typically, the longer something marinates, the tastier, juicier and more delicious it is.  Our parents have a delicious, simple,  marinade that they use for pork fillet. Instead of keeping a piece of pork tenderloin whole, they slice it into thick-ish pieces, which means that there is more surface area for the marinade to cover.  This is a good thing.

Helpful hints

Our parents usually choose to fry their marinated pork fillets, probably because of how delicious they are this way.  If you would prefer not to fry them, you can always grill them on the bbq or even bake them in the oven.  You’ll save a few calories and grams of fat to be sure, but maybe instead you can simply avoid dessert (at least for today).

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