Pastitsio (Παστίτσιο)


Pastitsio (also Pastichio) is a classic Greek pasta bake made with pasta, meat sauce and topped with béchamel.

NOTE:  We have 2 recipe boxes below.  The first recipe box is for a pan that is 11 x 16 inches; and the second recipe box is for a pan that is 9 X 13 inches.

We have 4 daughters between us and when they were pre-schoolers our parents cared for each of them while we returned to work after a blissful year or two of maternity leave.  Not only were our children embraced by papou and yiayia’s love every day, they were also exposed almost exclusively to the Greek language and their Greek heritage.  How special, and how blessed we all were! As if that weren’t enough, their bellies were filled daily with nutritious, home-cooked meals which were essentially made-to-order. If our daughters wanted to snack on milk and freshly made Greek cookies (koulourakia), our parents set to baking.  When they craved spaghetti, the water was boiling before they could even say “σε παρακαλώ” (please).  If they wanted chicken and there wasn’t any in the house, papou would run (practically) to the market to pick some up.  Nothing was too much trouble, and to this day, especially when it comes to their grand-daughters, nothing ever is.

Although each of our girls had her particular favourite, one meal which was often requested by all of them was, and still is, pastitsio.  It seems that their taste buds are similar to many of yours because since starting this blog a few short months ago, pastitsio is a recipe which many of you have requested as well.  So, here it is.  🙂

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