Greek pasta salad

Greek pasta salad with orzo and pesto

Greek pasta saladA light and refreshing orzo salad full of Greek flavours!

The world is big, and when our mom emigrated from Greece in search of a better life, she could have ended up in several places; in particular, the United States and Australia already had a significant number of Greek immigrants that she could have joined. Circumstance however, had her dock in Nova Scotia.  From there she travelled to Montreal, where she settled, worked, and raised enough money to travel back to Greece to marry our dad, and to then return back to Canada with him.  In those early years, our parents sponsored several of their siblings and they too made their way across the ocean.  It was in Montreal that most of their children were born and their families raised.

We love our city.  It has a rich history (some of it controversial) and in fact, Montreal is currently in the midst of celebrating it’s 375th anniversary.  It is an energetic place, with a European influence evident in the architecture, art, food, and people.  Although it is officially a bilingual city, with French and English being the two official languages of our province of Quebec, that description is a little simplistic.  In fact, Montreal is a great multicultural and multilingual metropolis, with waves of new immigrants from all corners of the world arriving and enriching our city.  There are so many obvious reasons to love Montreal (you should come visit!) and yet, there is one great reason which is often overlooked, or cursed.  The weather.  That’s right…the weather!  It can be horrible, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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