Fakes (Lentil soup) – (Φακές)

Fakes (Lentil soup) - (Φακές)

Traditional Greek lentil soup with vegetables and a tomato based broth.

Greek Lentil soup, Fakies

Fakes (pronounced F*@% – yes…seriously) is the Greek term for lentil soup. It is a meal which is filling, nutritious and very easy to prepare.  It is perhaps also a welcome change from the more complicated and time consuming moussaka and yemista  recipes we’ve recently impressed you with posted.  We totally understand that sometimes you just need a quick, simple, go-to recipe in order to get the kids off to hockey, the laundry off of the floor, or make a dent in the television show you’ve been planning on binge watching.

It also great to have in your apron pocket a few recipes which can easily and inexpensively feed a crowd. Fakes is certainly one of those recipes. We love to entertain, often and lots of people, but that does not mean that we are always in the mood to set up elaborate affairs.  Often times we just want to hang out with our family and friends, offer them some good food so that no one gets grumpy,  without spending a fortune. Add a good quality rustic bread, an assortment of olives, some feta cheese, a nice bottle of wine and you are good to go.

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