Koulourakia (Κουλουράκια)

Koulourakia (Κουλουράκια)

When our girls were little and we returned to work after blissfully long (but not long enough!), maternity leaves, we were blessed to have them cared for by our parents.  We would drop sleepy children off at their place in the morning and, after settling in to work, we would call our parents to make sure everything was okay.  The morning report we received would often go something like this:

Either of our parents: She (grand-daughter # 1, 2, 3 or 4) wasn’t that hungry for breakfast.  I hope she is feeling well. I’m quite worried. She only ate half her egg, two pieces of toast, a banana and she only drank one glass of milk. 

Either of us: Hmmm…well, that sounds alright.  She IS only 4 years old.

Either of our parents: Yes, well she has to eat, otherwise her stomach will close (this sounds much more ominous in Greek).  At least she ate 9 koulourakia when she first arrived.

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