Dolmades (Ντολμάδες)

Greek dolmades. A mixture of rice and herbs wrapped in vine or grape leaves. A traditional and delicious Greek recipe.

Vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs. A Greek specialty!

We love things that are wrapped.  Presents, mummys (Come on!  They are fascinating!) and especially, dolmades, a mixture of rice and herbs wrapped in vine or grape leaves.  Greek dolmades are perfectly delightful treats often served as mezedes, but which can easily find their way onto a lunch or dinner plate.

When we were little, we remember sitting with our parents at the kitchen table,  watching them with fascination as they so deftly used the vine leaves they had picked, to wrap up the delicious filling.  They would encourage us to have a go and, regardless of how badly our inexperienced and clumsy little fingers wrapped the dolmades, we were told that they were perfect.  When the dolmades came out of the pot, and several of our poorly wrapped ones had opened, causing their filling to spill out, our parents would take complete ownership of them.  They would feign frustration and disappointment, and criticize themselves for not knowing how to wrap their dolmades as perfectly as we did.  As we got older, we realized that they were simply encouraging our efforts, but as young kids we ate our dolmades with a big helping of pride.

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