Greek yogurt (Ελληνικό γιαούρτι)


(Full disclosure: We do not provide the recipe to actually make Greek yogurt in this post, but stay tuned…it will be coming soon-ish) 😉

Some foods are so trendy it’s hard to escape them, and even harder to feel good about yourself if you do.  Imagine the horror of being the only person at a party that has never had chia seeds.  How awful to be the sole person in a crowd who has no idea what goji berries are.  And don’t you just LOVE bacon flavoured anything?  You don’t?! It doesn’t matter.  Just eat it so that you can fit in.

Another super trendy food that we have actually loved forever is Greek yogurt.  We were on that bandwagon long before Greek yogurt lined the refrigerated shelves of grocery stores everywhere.  We were ahead of the times!  Trendsetters!  Avant-garde foodies!  Or, as our children remind us, we were simply raised by Greek parents who made their own Greek yogurt because that was just what they did…and so, that is just what we ate. Whatever.

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