Cabbage rolls with egg-lemon sauce (Λαχανοντολμάδες με αυγολέμονο)

Greek Cabbage Rolls with Egg Lemon Sauce

Greek Cabbage rolls with Egg-Lemon Sauce

This recipe is an example of us taking one for the team.  You, dear readers, are our team. That’s right…you.  Have we told you lately how happy we are to have you on our team? How happy, and thankful, we are that you have discovered Mia Kouppa?! And this recipe, it’s our thanks to you. We know that many people love Greek-style cabbage rolls, so how could we possibly deny you this recipe, despite the fact that we hate don’t like them?  Keeping this recipe from you would not make us team players. We are better than that (usually).

When we asked our parents to show us how to, one day, make cabbage rolls with egg-lemon sauce, they both got a little cabbage-twinkle in their eyes.  It had been years, closer to never, since we had requested this recipe.  There was just something ugh about cooked cabbage.  So, as soon as we verbalized this request, the necessary ingredients were being pulled out of fridge and pantry, and aprons were being tied around waists.  That day, our parents happened to have, not one, but two, heads of cabbage in the refrigerator.  Doesn’t everyone? What began as a simple, thought-for-the-future, quickly became supper, and this post.  It was all very serendipitous, and very, very emotional.  With our meal complete, we settled down to taste these cabbage rolls (how else to write about them?). Suddenly, they became our long lost loves.  Where had these rolls been all these years? They are truly, shockingly, delicious.  No…more than delicious, they are kind of, phenomenal.  The combination of the cabbage and the egg-lemon sauce gives a gift of tart sweetness which is hard to describe, but very easy to enjoy.  Thanks team!

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