Honey (Μέλι)

Greek honey

Some of you have said that you love to read the stories that go along with many of our recipes, and that really makes our hearts sing; we love sharing them.  What we love just as much are the stories that our parents share with us, particularly when we are having one of our Mia Kouppa cooking sessions.  Many are tales we have already heard, but with every re-telling, there are more details which our parents remember to add to the story.  An example of this came as we were putting the finishing touches on our melomakarona. We were licking spoons coated in delicious Greek honey as our mother watched on.  She then recounted how, as a little girl, she once ate so much honey that she got horribly sick and could not stand the sight of it for several months.  This was a problem, because honey was a mainstay of her diet.

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