Roasted beet salad (Σαλάτα με παντζάρια)

Roasted Beet Salad topped with Feta cheese
Roasted Beet Salad topped with Feta cheese
Roasted Beet Salad topped with Feta

Whether or not you like eating beets, you have to admit that they are some of the most beautiful looking vegetables out there…or actually, under there; beets are root vegetables whose bulbs grow underground.  In any case,  although the most common type of beet is the deep red variety,  there are a number of other vibrant colours, such as orange, yellow and red candy-cane striped beets called chiogga beets.  Nature is truly marvellous.

Although it is true that beets are beauties, there is so much more to them than meets the eye, and all of it is delicious.  The bulbous portion of the beet plant is the beetroot (or the taproot) and the stems and leaves form the beet greens.  Beet greens are often discarded, which is a shame because they are packed with flavour and nutrition.  Our parents know this and would never dream of tossing these lovely greens into the compost or trash.  In keeping with their philosophy of waste nothing, this salad incorporates both beetroots and beet greens, and is as pleasing to the palate as it is to the eye.

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Olive oil cake with lemon (a.k.a. einai keiki mori)

Olive oil cake with Lemon, a delicious dairy free lemon cake recipe

Olive oil cake with Lemon, a delicious non-dairy lemon cake recipe

On April 19th we paid hommage to the 15 year release date anniversary of one of the funniest movies of all time; we marked the event with a bundt cake we feel is delicious enough to be called “keiki mori”.  If you have seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, then you know exactly where this is coming from, and why the original cake was adorned with flowers in the center.  If you find yourself scratching your head, then pop some corn (or bake this cake), and settle in to watch this inflated (but not too inflated) representation of what growing up with Greek immigrant parents could be like.  Trust us, Nia Vardalos, who wrote the screenplay and portrays Toula Portokalis in this movie, will become your new comedy hero.

Movie aside, this cake stands on its own merit.  It is a favourite in our parents repertoire of desserts, in part because it contains no dairy, making  it perfect for anyone who has a sensitivity to milk and butter.  Not overly sweet, but rich with the taste of olive oil and the tang of lemon, this easy cake is a real treat.

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Rice with vegetables (Ρύζι με λαχανικά)

Rice with vegetables. Quick, easy and delicious rice recipe

When our parents host a party, they often fill a soup tureen (we know, a bit weird) with this rice.  Bejewelled with little bits of vegetables, it is a perfect accompaniment to grilled meats, pitas, and pretty much anything else which might be on the table.   If you happen to have some tzatziki on hand, place a dollop of it on your plate, next to the rice. Something truly magical happens when the two combine.

This rice is very simple to make, and you probably already have most of the ingredients in your kitchen.   The added beauty is that you can easily substitute the vegetables to accommodate your personal tastes and the produce you have available.

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Tsoureki French Toast

Tsoureki french toast

Tsoureki French Toast

Can you ever have too much of a good thing?  We don’t think so.  Tsoureki is one of those very good things, and like us, you may find yourself having an abundance of it at this time of year.  Although we spent several hours baking loads of loaves which we then offered to family and friends, many of these family and friends presented us with their tsourekia.  We broke even!  How wonderful!

There are so many ways to enjoy tsoureki.  We love to have a plain slice of tsoureki in the morning along with our Greek coffee.  We also often enjoy a slice with a warm cup of mountain tea in the evening.  It is something that we pick at when trying to decide what to make for supper,  something we pack up for school snacks, and something we often turn to when we’re hungry…but not really.  And then,  often on the weekends which easily lend themselves to decadent breakfasts, we like to start our day with tsoureki French toast.

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Greek Pascha and how to dye really cool eggs

Greek Easter eggs
Really cool Easter eggs

During Greek Pascha (Easter) the air reverberates with greetings of Χριστός ανέστη (Xristos anesti: Christ is risen) and responses of Αληθώς ανέστη (Alithos anesti: Truly, he is risen).  For many followers of the Orthodox faith, Pascha is one of the holiest and most beautiful of holidays, preceded by Holy week which begins with the Saturday of Lazarus, and continues to the celebration of Pascha on the following Sunday.  Church services during Holy week remember and mark Christ’s last week before his crucifixion and also his resurrection.


Pascha is also referred to as the Feast of Feasts, and that’s no joke.  On Holy Saturday night, church services celebrate the resurrection of Christ.  This Divine Liturgy ends in the early hours of Sunday,  after which families gather to break their fast and to play a game of tsougrisma with their dyed eggs.  Traditionally, the meal served at this time is a soup called magiritsa which is made of lamb offal flavoured with a lemon-egg sauce.  As kids, we would declare this lamb offal soup…awful (see what we did there?) To this day, we don’t really like it.  Our parents however, still enjoy breaking their fast with this soup, while we typically enjoy a fast-food burger picked up at the 24 hour drive-through.  New traditions are fine too.

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Tahini salad dressing (Σως ταχινιού για σαλάτα)

Tahini salad dressing
Tahini Salad dressing
PicMonkey Image-25

Have you ever eaten tahini?  Even if you think you haven’t…you probably have.  Tahini is the paste of ground up sesame seeds and it is traditionally a key ingredient in hummus. Almost like a nut-butter, tahini is creamy, smooth and very nutritious, being pretty high in calcium and iron as well as protein and fiber…and fat.  Whatever!  Tahini is not perfect.

In any case, when life gets busy and you just don’t have the time or energy to be in the kitchen for too long, you can throw some chopped up vegetables into a bowl, dress them with this tahini salad dressing, and call it a day.  During periods of lent, this salad dressing is particularly handy because it is not only vegan, but it also does not contain any additional oil (the sesame seed paste will produce it’s own oil when crushed up however).

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Koulourakia (Κουλουράκια)


PicMonkey Image-24

When our girls were little and we returned to work after blissfully long (but not long enough!), maternity leaves, we were blessed to have them cared for by our parents.  We would drop sleepy children off at their place in the morning and, after settling in to work, we would call our parents to make sure everything was okay.  The morning report we received would often go something like this:

Either of our parents: She (grand-daughter # 1, 2, 3 or 4) wasn’t that hungry for breakfast.  I hope she is feeling well. I’m quite worried. She only ate half her egg, two pieces of toast, a banana and she only drank one glass of milk. 

Either of us: Hmmm…well, that sounds alright.  She IS only 4 years old.

Either of our parents: Yes, well she has to eat, otherwise her stomach will close (this sounds much more ominous in Greek).  At least she ate 9 koulourakia when she first arrived.

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