Borlotti bean soup

Healthy vegan borlotti bean soup made with fresh beans.

Healthy vegan borlotti bean soup made with fresh beans

Σούπα από φρέσκα φασόλια. Greeks who immigrated from Greece in search of a better life, the way our parents did, worked hard to learn the language of their new country. Most did this without formal schooling or structured classes. Many, like our mom, learned to communicate by watching television and by listening to co-workers or people on the bus or the salespeople in shops. This, while also learning to adapt to a new climate, new social contexts and expectations, and the newness of no longer living under the protective wing of family. When we think about it, and we think about it often, we are so impressed and so proud of our parents, and the countless others like them who leave a life they know behind and come to a new land to enrich it, and themselves. These are brave and inspiring stories.

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Minestrone soup

The easiest and best vegetable minestrone soup recipe with beans and pasta.

The easiest and best vegetable minestrone recipe with beans and pasta.

Σούπα μινεστρόνε. Minestrone soup is one of those things that can quickly become a disappointment. We’ve had many in our day and although none have been horrid, the vast majority have been kind of blah. A little bland, a little uninspired, a little too unremarkable. The best minestrone soup that we’ve had, one that is full of flavour and pretty remarkable, has come out of our parents’ kitchen.

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Mason jar split pea soup with rice

Mason jar split pea soup with rice

Meal prep perfection: a vegan and gluten free meal of green and yellow split pea soup

About a year ago one of us had a colleague that gifted her a mason jar soup mix that she had made using a recipe from the amazing blog Trois Fois Par Jour. It was a pretty combination of lentils and barley that was meant to be cooked with water and a can of diced tomatoes. The soup mix sat in the pantry for a few weeks and then, one evening when dinner was getting a late start, into the pot it went. Dinner prep took a total of 3 minutes.

Given the ease that came with that lovely jar of soup we would have been happy if it tasted just meh. But it didn’t. It was actually delicious. So delicious that we asked for the recipe and made several jars of the mix. We tucked them away in the pantry, and trust us when we say that they have saved supper more than a few times.

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Spinach and rice soup (Σούπα με σπανάκι και ρύζι)

Spinach and rice soup

A simple soup with the familiar flavours of spanakopita.

This is a recipe that most of you will be able to make right now. Like seriously, check out the ingredients and then take a peak in your pantry and fridge. If you like to cook, or even if you only like to eat, chances are very, very good that you have everything you’ll need to make our spinach and rice soup.

This soup is inspired by a few things that we love. Obviously, we love soups – but more than that we love being able to feed our families with meals that are quick, simple, and inexpensive without sacrificing nutrition and flavour. And speaking of flavour, this soup was inspired by a few of our favourite recipes; the building blocks are similar to what you would find in spanakopita (yum!) and spanakorizo (yum again!).

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Red lentil soup (Κόκκινες φακές σούπα)

Red lentil soup

A gorgeous bowl of orange! A vegan soup full of beta-carotene and protein.

What a treat this soup is! Although our usual lentil soup is fakes, that classic Greek soup made with brown or green lentils, this red lentil and vegetable soup is a vibrant alternative.

Like other lentils, red lentils are highly nutritious filling, inexpensive and versatile. Their subtle flavour makes it easy to incorporate them into all kinds of dishes, and the fact that they don’t retain their shape when cooked is sometimes an added bonus.

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Mung bean soup (ψιλοφάσουλα σούπα ή ροβίτσα )

Mung bean soup

A hearty and humble soup made of nutrient packed mung beans

One of us loves beans; loves to eat them, loves to buy them, and loves to store them in her pantry in pretty glass jars where their various colours, adorable shapes and infinite possibilities can be admired. It was this love of beans, and a commitment to capturing as many of our parents’ recipes as possible, that had us inquire about a soup which we had vague and disturbing memories of. We remembered a childhood where a soup of little green beans was served, and the sadness which it elicited. When we asked our parents about it, they immediately knew what we were talking about. Psilofasola (also called rovitsa) is a Greek soup made of mung beans (pronounced moong) and it is a staple around Kalamata, Messinia, which is near where our parents were raised.

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Fide soup (Fithe soup) (Σούπα φιδέ)

Fide soup

A simple pasta soup made with thin noodles and flavoured with a touch of olive oil

Growing up Greek, our chicken noodle soup was called fide. To be honest, it was a little different than your traditional chicken noodle soup; for one thing, it had no chicken. It also had no chicken broth, no vegetables and no herbs. In fact, fide (also spelled fithe) is nothing more than a noodle soup, cooked in water, flavoured with olive oil, sometimes sprinkled with a bit of mizithra, and ready to comfort every bit of your soul.

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Black-eyed pea soup with kale (Σούπα με μαυρομάτικα φασόλια και κατσαρό λάχανο)

Black-eyed pea soup with kale (Σούπα με μαυρομάτικα φασόλια και κατσαρό λάχανο)

This nutritional powerhouse of a soup will have you feeling great, and full!

If you are a regular reader of Mia Kouppa, you may already be aware that we have a love affair with black-eyed peas.  We are actually fond of all things bean and legume, but the darling black-eyed pea holds a special place in our hearts…because it is so darn cute.  Take a good look at these beans, with their perfect small shape and perfectly situated black “eye” and we’re pretty sure you will agree, they are adorable!  Still, if you’re more mature than us and not that interested in appearances, we think we can convince you to love black-eyed peas anyways, because they are delicious, versatile and so, so good for you.

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Chickpea soup (Ρεβιθόσουπα)

Chickpea soup (Ρεβιθόσουπα)

Revithosoupa or Greek chickpea soup is a hearty vegan soup that is full of flavour and nutrition!

Most of the recipes we have shared thus far come from our childhood, but our parents’ cooking has evolved.  As years rolled by they would introduce new meals into their repertoire and onto our family table.  This chickpea soup for example, despite being a staple in many Greek homes, was not something that we had as little children.  In fact, we think we were both teenagers when our parents first served us a bowlful of this delicious meal.  This led to a pretty significant “Huh?!” moment.

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Fasolatha with tomato (Φασολάδα με ντομάτα)

Fasolatha with tomato (Φασολάδα με ντομάτα)

A traditional Greek bean soup recipe, fasolatha with tomato

Some months ago, we posted a fasolatha recipe and some people questioned, “Where’s the tomato?”.  At the time, we explained that there are in fact two broad categories of this traditional Greek bean soup; the one we originally posted, which has no tomato and has a light broth (λευκή), and this version, with a rich tomato base.  Both are delicious, nutritious and incredibly easy to put together and we’re super excited to share our recipe for fasolatha with tomato.

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