Cantaloupe frosty with ouzo

Cantaloupe drink with ouzo

Cantaloupe frosty with ouzo

Remember last week when we posted about cantaloupe with ouzo, and you hurried off to make that recipe because it sounded so refreshing and delicious?  Aren’t you still pretty amazed by how great those flavours come together? Do you perhaps have some cantaloupe left over, and some ouzo remaining in the bottle? And are you perhaps, a little bit thirsty?

If you answered yes to those questions, boy, do we have a treat for you.  This frosty cantaloupe and ouzo drink is a slushy sensation. Serve it at your next rambunctious get-together, or quiet evening on the porch; this cocktail will make any moment that much more memorable.

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Frappé coffee with Baileys (Φραπέ με Baileys)

Happy Hour Frappe coffee with Baileys

Greek Frappé coffee with Baileys Irish Cream

Maybe we’re a little late to the party, but this, folks, is a breakthrough for us.  While thinking about what lovely cocktail to share with you in an upcoming post, our minds wandered across the myriad of possibilities.  We contemplated the delicious ways we could serve up ouzo or Metaxa, all while sipping a lovely frappé, and munching on some fresh koulourakia; food blogging is hard work.  It was then that we thought, “Hey, now hold on a minute!  How about jazzing up a frappé?”

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Rose flavoured lemonade (Λεμονάδα με τριαντάφυλλα)

Rose flavoured lemonade

Rose flavoured lemonade

We just got a little bit smarter.  In preparing this post, which features our parents’ delicious and oh, so refreshing, rose flavoured lemonade, we learned that roses are herbs!  Did you know that roses are herbs?  You did?! Really?!  Then you are were smarter than us!

For those of you who didn’t know…it’s true!  Roses are herbs, just like rosemary, mint and oregano!  This makes sense, when you consider that herbs are simply plants used for food, to enhance the flavour of food, for medicine, and for their aromatic properties. Herbs are either the leafy green or flowering parts of a plant.  Enter the rose.  Who would have thunk it? Although we have known that roses are edible for a long time, we never thought to wonder about their classification, until now.  And so, dear friends, a rose by any other name…is basically, an herb.

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Frappé coffee (Φραπέ)

Greek Frappe Coffee

What wonderful memories we have of summer trips to Greece, and what additional, vivid memories we have about the preparation to travel.  In particular, we remember the care that our parents put into the gifts they would bring over for family.  Suitcases were packed full of items which they felt would be appreciated, either because they were costly in Greece,  or difficult to find.  Often in the gift rotation were bedsheets,  fabric for our uncle, a priest, to be used to make his everyday robes (ράσα), and thick, plush, bath towels.  Yes, those towels in particular took up a lot of space, but they served an additional purpose; they were used to wrap and protect the many, many, jars of Nescafe instant coffee that we were lugging overseas.  As we sat on the suitcases, trying our best to squish things down enough so that our folks could close them, we remember asking, “Why in the world are we bringing our family instant coffee?”, and the answer was always, simply, “For frappé!”.

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Chamomile tea (Χαμομήλι)

Chamomile tea

Chamomile Tea


Happy New Year friends!! We hope that this holiday season has been one of love, family, friends who are like family, and great times for everyone.  Given that we are all, possibly, feeling a little over-indulged, we thought it would be timely to write about chamomile tea; a fragrant, herbal tea which goes a long way towards easing and settling a cranky stomach.

Chamomile tea is made from the dried family of daisy plants called Asteraceae.  You can drink it because it is delicious, but you can also try it because it reportedly has many medicinal properties.  Chamomile tea is said to treat inflammation, insomnia, muscle spasms and skin disorders, along with other aches and pains.  Growing up, a sore throat, tummy ache, or nagging cough were always invitations to brew a pot of chamomile tea and to serve it, usually, with a heaping teaspoon of Greek honey.  This herbal concoction is of course free of caffeine, making it pretty perfect for any age.  If you are pregnant at any age however (congratulations!), you should speak to your doctor before enjoying chamomile tea; certain varieties had been found to cause uterine contractions and induce miscarriage.  Chamomile is good…but nothing is that good!

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Mountain tea

Greek mountain tea (τσάι του βουνού)


Greek mountain tea (τσάι του βουνού) is made with a genus of flowering plants called Sideritis (which literally translates into “he who is made of, or has, iron”).  It is sometimes referred to as ironwort or shepherd’s tea.   It’s a pretty tea, with little yellow flowers, silver tinged leaves, and light green buds and it is usually sold, in Greek markets or on-line, in dried branches or stems.  This is a plant which is resilient and stubborn, producing flowering shrubs which are capable of growing at high altitudes with little soil, or even on the surface of rocks.

Mountain tea is made using a method called decoction (that’s right…this blog will also make you smarter).  Decoction is a way of extracting chemicals and other goodies from plants by boiling them.  What you end up with, in this case the mountain tea which results from this process,  is also called a decoction.  It has a very unique earthy taste, and a floral scent, particularly if you use the flowers  (which you should).

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Greek coffee



Greek coffee

Greek coffee

In an age of franchised coffee shops, professional baristas, and expensive coffees with presumptuous names, we introduce you (or re-acquaint you) to Greek coffee.  Ta-da! This is not a coffee that you will drink solely to give you the caffeine fix that you need to function. This is not a coffee that you will take with you in a travel mug as you schlep to work or school.  It is a coffee which should transport you to a place where life slows down and where the very act of drinking it will be as pleasant as the drink itself.  Who knows, it may even be good for you!

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