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Learn how to make an easy apple crisp that will become everyone's favourite.

Learn how to make an easy apple crisp that will become everyone’s favourite.

You asked, and we are happy to help!! Over on our Mia Kouppa Facebook page, we asked you guys if you would prefer apple pie or apple crisp. The overwhelming majority responded with apple crisp. Of course, a few of you suggested that both would be great – and one person specifically asked for Shoofly pie. We looked that up. Shoofly pie has nothing to do with apples, but it does look delicious so thanks for that suggestion!

We’re not surprised that crisp won out over pie. The latter involves preparing pie crust; waiting while it chills, rolling it out, getting frustrated if it breaks apart. A great pie is worth all of this! But, when you want a fantastic apple dessert without much fuss, our easy apple crisp is the recipe you want to reach for. Try it once and we’re pretty sure you will make it again, and again, and again.

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Mini apple pies with phyllo or milopitakia (Μηλοπιτάκια)

Mini apple pies with phyllo or milopitakia (Μηλοπιτάκια)

Delicious apple filling wrapped in crispy phyllo

There is something about pie which just makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside.  The almost meditative act of rolling out the crust, the smell of the pie in the oven, and the sight of the filling bubbling out through the vents on the top crust are enough to make us swoon.  Apple pies are a particular favourite because they are appreciated by so many; who doesn’t love a classic apple pie? (If you answered “I don’t” to this question, please send us a private message so that we can talk about it).  Although we love baking pies, and have a pretty fail-proof pie crust recipe and technique, sometimes we don’t have the time to get involved in pastry making.  So when time is limited but we can’t shake the need for a dessert with a warm apple filling, we get creative…and that’s how this recipe came to be.

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