Baked feta with honey

Baked feta with honey is a simple and delicious meze, perfect with crackers or bread.

Baked feta with honey is a simple and delicious meze, perfect with crackers or bread.

We love feta. We always have. When we were kids, our parents would regularly host friends and family and our apartment would be busy with chatter, laughter and food. Whether it was going to be a big feast or a small and quaint buffet, one thing we always looked for was the feta. We were never disappointed.

Our parents served feta in a variety of ways. It was definitely incorporated into recipes like Greek salad or tyropitakia, and sometimes it was the star ingredient as it is in baked feta wrapped in phyllo. Feta is delicious no matter how it is served. We even loved it when feta pieces were drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with a generous amount of dry oregano. Feta this way was always presented in the dish which we realized years ago was actually a banana split bowl, that never saw a banana split. Greek parents of that generation do not do banana splits. Ice cream was pretty much only Neopolitan.

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Alevropita (Αλευρόπιτα)


Alevropita is a quick, thin-battered feta pie

Sometimes we are so lazy! Like, stay in bed all day reading and eating bon-bons lazy. Or, too tired to cook so have cereal for dinner lazy. Or no one’s around to judge so I’m going to take the elevator one flight up lazy. It happens, and we don’t have the energy to pretend that it doesn’t.

Laziness however can also result in really lovely things, like alevropita. This is the cheese pie you want to make when you’re too lazy to make your own phyllo, when you’re too lazy to fold kalitsounia, and when you’re too lazy to spend much time in the kitchen.

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Greek-style hard boiled eggs

Greek style hard boiled eggs

Hard boiled eggs topped with feta, oregano, fresh lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil

There are a few things we can always expect on Easter Monday, the day after Orthodox Pascha.  The first is the realization that another year has gone by, and we are overcome with gratitude to have been able to celebrate our important holiday with our family and friends.  The second is being reminded that an extensive fast and abstinence from meat, dairy and eggs, which ends with a day spent eating pretty much only meat, dairy and eggs, is rough. Delicious, but rough.  And finally, we’ll note that regardless of how much we ate, there are leftovers for days!

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