Mia Kouppa Great Lent Meal Plan 2021

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Great Lent Meal Plan 2021, Mia Kouppa

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This is most certainly our favourite time of the year. The period of Great Lent which precedes Orthodox Pascha, along with the weeks of Kreatini (Meatfare) and then Tyrini (Cheesefare) which come before it are opportunities for renewal, spiritual growth and a deepening connection with our faith.

The choice on how to live during Great Lent is a personal one. There are certainly “rules” which are dictated by our faith, but situations, contexts, beliefs and capabilities vary and so anyone who is interested discussing their own personal reality is encouraged to speak to their parish priest or spiritual father.

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Baked Greek feta and mushroom pasta

Baked Greek feta and mushroom pasta

A rich and creamy pasta dish with a delicious feta and roasted mushroom sauce

Who doesn’t love a good trend? We sure do! Whether it was the stirrup pants that were hot items in our teenage wardrobe, or the crimped hair and teased bangs that drew attention to (or away from) our blue shadowed eyes, we appreciate a good thing when we see it! But trends come and go, and sometimes that’s a good thing! Fashions evolve, and even food trends change with the times. You would be hard pressed to find a gelatin salad on a modern dinner table, but there was a time that these colourful, molded atrocities delights were the centerpieces of any successful party.

There are some trends however that we think will stick around for a very long time, maybe forever! You may have seen the viral baked feta and pasta recipe that was shared on Tik Tok; this recipe posted by Jenni Hayrinen, a Finish food blogger. The recipe became so popular that Finland experienced a country-wide shortage of feta as everyone scrambled to make this easy, and delicious dish. Since then this recipe, in its many variations, has been tried by perhaps every single person who has access to feta in the world, including us.

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Biftekia with roasted lemon potatoes

Biftekia with roasted lemon potatoes

The best biftekia with the most lemony roasted Greek potatoes

Hearty, easy, humble food! That is what this meal is. Biftekia sto fourno (or meat patties baked in the oven) are like mini meatloafs or large meatballs. These oval shaped hamburger patties are perfectly Greek, and our recipe is perfectly delicious!

Growing up our parents would sometimes take our biftekia and serve them in a hamburger bun, their oval shape causing a bit of dead space resulting in bites of plain bread with ketchup. Most often however, biftekia were served just as they are here – no bread and with a side of slow roasted, creamy and lemony potatoes. So good!

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Cinnamon raisin bread (Ψωμί με κανέλα και σταφίδες)

Cinnamon raisin bread

A slightly sweet and fragrant bread full of raisins

There is a huge debate in our family that revolves around what to call the packaged sliced stuff that you put in a toaster. We won’t get into it here, because we’ve already gotten into it over here – but we were reminded of that post because this cinnamon raisin bread, popped into a toaster, is a thing of beauty.

In testing and re-testing this recipe before publishing it, we’ve learned a few things – we’ve listed those in the Helpful Hints section just below and we hope that they will help you make a perfect loaf of bread. And although bread making tips are important, let’s assume that your bread is ready – here are a few other important things to know.

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Tyropitakia or Cheese Pies (Τυροπιτάκια)

Tyropitakia or Cheese Pies

Crispy phyllo wrapped around a creamy and cheesy feta filling

When we were kids we had this really annoying habit of trying to lure our parents into picking a favourite amongst us. At the time we didn’t think it was annoying, but as parents now ourselves, we can fully appreciate how tiresome this would have been for our folks. We would do things like draw pictures and then go to our parents asking them which one they thought was nicer. Often times we would hold the picture we hadn’t actually drawn; we tried to be tricky that way. Or, we would ask them to consider questions like, “If there was only 1 koulouraki left, and we all wanted it, who would you give it to?” Other times we would ask them outright – Which kid do you love most?

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A decadent dessert full of chocolate and coconut

If you are looking for a dessert that is rich and decadent, these blondies are for you. Buttery, full of chocolate and coconut, and with just the right amount of sweetness, these perfect for Valentine’s Day blondies will be loved by anyone who tries them.

Never had a blondie? Think brownie, without the cocoa and with brown sugar. The result is a dessert that is so indulgent that when made correctly, is almost impossible to resist. We think we can help with that! (not the resisting part, but the making correctly part!)

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Alevropita (Αλευρόπιτα)


A quick, thin-battered feta pie

Sometimes we are so lazy! Like, stay in bed all day reading and eating bon-bons lazy. Or, too tired to cook so have cereal for dinner lazy. Or no one’s around to judge so I’m going to take the elevator one flight up lazy. It happens, and we don’t have the energy to pretend that it doesn’t.

Laziness however can also result in really lovely things, like alevropita. This is the cheese pie you want to make when you’re too lazy to make your own phyllo, when you’re too lazy to fold kalitsounia, and when you’re too lazy to spend much time in the kitchen.

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Pretty in red fruit salad

Pretty in red fruit salad

A perfectly delightful and beautiful fruit salad

Sure, it’s easy enough to grab an apple or a handful of grapes and call it a day, but if you’re looking for a way to really celebrate fresh fruit, we think that a fruit salad is the way to do it.

Fruit salads have endless possibilities, and you can’t really go wrong so long as you remember a few key points.

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Heart shaped sugar cookies

Heart shaped sugar cookies

Festive sugar cookies perfect for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day always makes us smile, not because we happen to each be married to wonderful guys that make love fun (although that is wonderful) but because growing up we were always our parents’ Valentines.

Every February 14th (and sometimes on February 15th when the chocolate hearts and pink stuffed bears were on sale) our parents would surprise us with Valentine treats. As young kids, we were thrilled. Along with the gifts we were given, our parents would also purchase for us large Valentine’s Day books filled with cards that we would punch out of the cardboard pages (remember those?) We would spend hours deciding which classmate would get which card, and which card we would save for our Ma and Ba.

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Mason jar split pea soup with rice

Mason jar split pea soup with rice

Meal prep perfection: a vegan and gluten free meal of green and yellow split pea soup

About a year ago one of us had a colleague that gifted her a mason jar soup mix that she had made using a recipe from the amazing blog Trois Fois Par Jour. It was a pretty combination of lentils and barley that was meant to be cooked with water and a can of diced tomatoes. The soup mix sat in the pantry for a few weeks and then, one evening when dinner was getting a late start, into the pot it went. Dinner prep took a total of 3 minutes.

Given the ease that came with that lovely jar of soup we would have been happy if it tasted just meh. But it didn’t. It was actually delicious. So delicious that we asked for the recipe and made several jars of the mix. We tucked them away in the pantry, and trust us when we say that they have saved supper more than a few times.

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