Watermelon and feta bites

watermelon and feta bites

Watermelon and feta in bite size serving, drizzled with balsamic glaze

The pairing of watermelon and feta, usually served as a salad, is gaining in popularity and there is a good reason for that! The fresh, sweet crunch of watermelon and the salty creaminess of feta cheese is a perfect combination.

Although we have posted the requisite watermelon and feta salad (with grilled watermelon no less!), we thought it would be fun to serve this great combo as an appetizer.

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Grilled zucchini salad with corn and black-eyed peas

Grilled zucchini salad with corn and black-eyed peas

A salad hearty enough to be a light meal

When we fire up the out door grill to make delicious things like souvlaki, grilled steak or cedar planked salmon we like to take the opportunity to grill even more, and vegetables are an obvious choice. Sometimes we like to simply serve grilled vegetables, and other times we use them to make something special, like this delicious grilled zucchini salad with corn and black-eyed peas.

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Green beans baked with chicken and potatoes (Φασολάκια στο φούρνο με κοτόπουλο και πατάτες)

Green beans baked with chicken and potatoes

A classic Greek one pan meal of fresh green beans baked alongside chicken and potatoes in a rich tomato sauce

Our parents’ garden is full of delicious things to eat, including a large section devoted to a few varieties of green beans. Growing tall, these plants are secured by using things like long bamboo shoots, old broken hockey sticks (because, Canada) and thin planks of wood that our dad has found, somewhere. Perhaps not the most elegant set up, but certainly functional. Like many things in their garden (old feta buckets as planters) practicality and availability supersede beauty, always.

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Peaches and cream cake

Peaches and cream cake

A moist cake full of peaches and topped with whipped cream

Peaches and cream go together like macaronia and kima or like kota me patates. The delicate, sweet flavour of the peaches combined with the light and creamy taste of homemade whipped cream is celebrated with this peaches and cream cake; a cake so good, it should be invited to any of your celebrations. Like birthdays, or anniversaries, or Wednesdays.

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Pancakes and peach sauce

Pancakes and peach sauce

Thick, buttery pancakes topped with syrupy fresh peaches in a sweet buttery sauce.

Do you object to butter? Do you aim to have the first meal of the day be one full of fiber, protein and all natural goodness? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then you best move along; this is not a breakfast for lightweights.

Funny thing is, our parents who are the inspiration behind Mia Kouppa would shake their heads at these pancakes and peach topping. They rarely cook with butter and would find a breakfast such as this one too decadent, too heavy, too buttery and too far from their typical breakfast choices of Greek-style hard boiled eggs, Greek yogourt or tomato and feta toast.

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Peach and orange Metaxa cocktail

Peach and orange Metaxa cocktail

A refreshing summer Metaxa cocktail.

It’s peach season where we are! The beautiful Niagara peaches are now available in the grocery stores and outdoor markets and we are beyond excited! There is nothing quite like the juices of a ripe, sweet peach dripping down your chin. Messy? Sure. A little gross? Well, we don’t actually think so, but we suppose some might.

Although these peaches are amazing to enjoy just as they are, they are also incredible to use creatively. So, we’ve got quite a peach week in store for you all.

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Gluten-free pasta with vegetables

Gluten-free pasta with vegetables

Vegan meal of quinoa and rice pasta tossed with vegetables and a bit of chili heat.

There are so many special diets out there these days. Aside from all the ways that people are trying to either lose weight, or get fit, there are also medical reasons and lifestyle choices that can sometimes make cooking for guests a little challenging. But we love a challenge, and we love coming up with recipes that will probably satisfy every food restriction you may host.

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Spanakoquinoa (Σπανάκοκινόα)


A new take on a classic Greek recipe: spinach and quinoa cooked in a rich tomato based sauce.

Quinoa is not a grain we grew up with, and it is not traditionally used in Greek cooking. The grains you will more commonly find in Greek recipes include semolina, corn, barley, bulgur and whole wheat berries. All delicious and all used to make incredible foods and desserts.

But we do love quinoa. Our first introduction to this super grain was while one of us was an undergraduate in university. Walking through the neighbourhood around campus, trying to find dinner to carry us through an evening spent in the library, we came across a health food store. Although quite commonplace now, at the time natural food stores which sold things like vegan mayonnaise, tofu, nori, and quinoa were rare. Optimum was a two floor shop; the first floor on street level sold aromatherapy oils, incense, books and herbal medicines. The basement level was the grocery store and it was here that one could wander the aisles and see things that were foreign and fascinating.

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Strawberry and watermelon frozen ouzo cocktail

Strawberry and watermelon frozen ouzo cocktail

A Greek aperitif cocktail make with strawberries and watermelon

Cheers to summer! We love to entertain at home, and now that our world has changed, inviting a few guests over for an evening under the stars is even more appealing. Not really bar and club people to begin with (those days are long gone), the idea of going out to mix and mingle with too many other people is a little unsettling. So, we’re thankful to have the opportunity to host comfortable get-togethers chez nous. And we’re even more thankful to ouzo, the lovely anise flavoured liqueur that we have grown very fond of playing with.

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Greek chicken and quinoa salad

Greek chicken and quinoa salad

A healthy and delicious combination of chicken, quinoa and Greek flavours.

Sometimes a salad is a wonderful side to a meal, like our fresh and simple maroulosalata and our fennel salad. Sometimes a light salad can be a meal, as is often the case during the summer months when our garden tomatoes are ripe and our Greek horiatiki or village salad is on repeat 7 days a week. And sometimes, like with this recipe, a salad can be a hearty meal, one that you can happily serve to a hungry family, and one which is substantial enough to serve guests invited to dine with you under the summer stars.

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